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  1. Thanks Adam. Do you have a bigger screenshot?
  2. Where did you read that? - - - Updated - - - Lol. Yeah the shadow problems seem to be a problem around buildings. Shadows made from trees and such don't create a problem.
  3. Would love to see the M-16 in the game. We got the Army in the game but not one M-16. The M-16 is the weapon people think about when it come to our military. If it is added, it could be set so that both M-16 and ammo only spawns at military bases. That way you don't have to worry about more ammo that you can't use. If they don't have an M-16. Kind of a way to encourage people to explore. It won't be a weapon players can get right off due to how dangerous Army zombies are. Making 5.56 ammo blueprint could also be limited to the sites.
  4. One thing that I am noticing is that the shadow's seem too dark. I mean I will be outside and daytime and when I walk into a shadow, it's like pitch black. I have to use a light to see anything within the shadow.
  5. Punching my way though. Fighting with just straps on my hands is really great for clearing out zombies in buildings. Add to it some beer and I kick like a mule. I find that I need to move quickly though a building to because the beer wears off in just 45 seconds (real time). But wow is it powerful. It feels like I go from there being a lot of zombies to there not enough here. lol. The beer effect turns the dungeon crawl into a speed run. Before going though a building took time. Now I can shoot through. It's as if the zombies are saying: "What is talking the player so long" t
  6. Well then, the scrounger that finds stuff that the player wants. For a price!
  7. New math formula. P+B=SR. Punching plus Beer equals speed run. lol
  8. One thing that I would love to see is bicycles found in the world please. Maybe find one in a garage or even out in the street. Could just be made to randomly spawn were the player would find them.
  9. lol. Ok, I just have to remember to bring a piece of leather with me when I do that. To repair them. Otherwise there useless.
  10. I'm just waiting to hear Jen's new voice. But there is one thing that I have been wondering. Why is it that Jen is located in the middle of the hardest biome in the game?
  11. One thing that I have noticed is that it seems a lot easier to fight though a building (dungeon crawl) with your fist than with a hand weapon. I will go in with a spear and find myself constantly backing up. But with straps on my fist, I am constantly moving forward and busting heads. I feel like I can be a lot more aggressive than with a spear.
  12. Thanks faatal. Yeah I was thinking it was the ground to. were the ground meets the floor. I never had an issue with it before.
  13. Thanks Johnny. I did some more looking and noticed that it seems to have something do with the ground meets the floor blocks. It does not seem to be just the doorway but rather the whole frame were the two doors are. I get stuck even before I get to the door.
  14. Has anyone else had issues going through doorways? I found two so far and both are in the Navezgane map. The first one was in a house near the hospital and the other was the main entrance of hospital. I would try to walk in and it was like walking into a wall. I kept trying and I got in. It just looked like an open doorway but I could not go though.
  15. Is zombie pathing getting some work, I am still having issues. I was playing a new game in Navezgane clearing out The working stiff from the rear. Suddenly a Hawaiian zombie comes knocking that the front door. He breaks the door down and I run around him, through that same door. The next thing I know, he is knocking on other door next to the one he just broke down. I don't know why. So I came around and stabbed him. He comes after me but suddenly he starts walking into a pillar and won't stop. So I stab him in the um... backside, it was hard to miss. He dr
  16. Well from this I would say that other languages are in the game. But that's already in Alpha 18.3 experimental.
  17. Hey, what do you get when you combine the new candy with Roland's current avatar? Candy bars! Haha.
  18. Yeah, at least something that shows that you made contact with it's head or chest. That would be great.
  19. You can do both with the spear. Thrust and throw.
  20. One thing that I would like to see changed that there is to add a knock back effect when a zombie gets hit in the face. Living or dead, If I thrust a spear in the face, it should do something to them.
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