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  1. This looks great and really creepy! How does the fog effect NPC's like zombies and other baddies?
  2. No please don't encourage him! - - - Updated - - - Now you see what you did Gup! Great, just great.
  3. I'm hoping that new and different sounds will be adder to the game. More zombies sounds would be great. Backgrounds sounds to please.
  4. Fast travel for NPC's would solve a lot of problems. I've been thinking about the issue of walking followers who may get stuck while following the player. What if the follower could fast travel to the player if the player got too far away? The player and a follower goes into a mine. The follower gets stuck. The player leaves and the follower pops up next to them. Stuck now more! This would also work if the player gets killed and spawns. We could say that zombies overpowered the player but the follower rescued them and dragged them away to a safe place. Nice right?
  5. Any thoughts of making human followers or are you still committed to making all followers robots?
  6. Just use it, you will see what I mean.
  7. I have been thinking about this and if you wanted a spear that had a thrust and a power thrust then use a shovel as a spear. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?85897-Shovel-spears&highlight=shovel+spears
  8. Anything taste better than old mud. Captain Obvious - - - Updated - - - The shadows look much better in this shot and not so dark.
  9. Somebody might want to update the first page with this. Hint, hint.
  10. Are there any features that are going to be in Alpha-19 that are not currently on your first post Madmole?
  11. Well I have ridden through it on my way to Utah. I didn't see much though.
  12. Yeah I seen that place in the game but I am talking about other places in the game. Several POI's across the map.
  13. I got to tell you that the Navezgane map has a few surprises to it. I found several in the last few days op places that i didn't even known existed in the game. I'm not going to tell you but wow this is great.
  14. I wanted to know if you guys are also going to add distance lighting? You know, you can see buildings from a distance, why night lighting?
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing a group stunning effect that this may cause. Seeing a tight group of zombies suddenly stumble. I mean it wouldn't do much damage at such a wide spread but wow.
  16. Thanks TFP's for adding back the area effect for shotguns. This is great! I killed two zombies with just one shot from my double borrowed shotgun. I posted a screenshot of it on the STEAM page, check it out.
  17. Well, it's nice to see you all geared up for this.
  18. About what I said about tree shadows earlier. I was wrong. After further testing, all shadows, including shadows from trees seem too dark. It's almost like walking into night, even if it's in the middle of the day. I hope that they get lightened.
  19. Small boats would be great on the Navezgane map. Could be a row boat or a motor driven one. But the Navezgane map has some really big lakes with islands and fishing docks. It would be great if we could ride out to them. Add some fishing and widen some of the rivers and it would almost be like a whole new game out there. But even just adding boats would be great. - - - Updated - - - Hey thanks! I had forgotten about this. I wondered if it was going to be in the game then.
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