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  1. You know, no matter how many times I start a new play-though. I still get worried the first time I get infected. So I don't have any skills or meds and suddenly I get it and suddenly I am rushing around, trying to find a cure. lol. It's very rewarding when I finally do.
  2. Hey. I found a water glitch in the Navagane map A 18.4. Are you still taking bug reports? I have the location. 526 N 1344 W I posted two screenshots on STEAM.
  3. Might have been asked before but are there any plans to adding fishing to the game?
  4. Oh so ok, I just heard a rumor about you winning the lottery. Don't believe it? Ok.
  5. Zombies swimming? That's interesting... On the other hand, it bet it will be rather funny to watch. lol
  6. What? Go into game. Go into cook menu. Type in snowberries You should see at least one recipe.
  7. Ah! The gift that just keeps giving. The gifts of bullets and shot.
  8. Hmm... I wonder if toilet paper will be added.
  9. Well you go and take a nap then. I'm sure that a zombie are two will come and snuggle up with you. Until they get hungry! 00
  10. I remember MM asking me why I still like the Navezgane map over RG. I told him what I thought. Glad that they are still using it.
  11. Yes Random Gen. Would be great to see that POI in Navezgane.
  12. Nice! So it's when you don't hear it, worry. I get that, it's like that in nature so why not in the game.
  13. Hey guys, I'm back! How are things? Happy Easter.
  14. All fine and good. I just wish that you guys planned ahead and got the new forum ready first.
  15. Wow! I was not expecting a change to the forums page. Why the change?
  16. Yeah, one thing to add. You don't want it dropping below 33% or far worse things start to happen. That goes for water to.
  17. Well I don't know if this is cool but it does look very cold.
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