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  1. While I like the new features in this forum I miss the appearance of the old one. This one is rather plain looking.
  2. The new screenshot of Joe the trader reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt when he was with the Rough Riders.
  3. Any chance the traders will have a little company? They seem all alone at there post. I would think that a trader or a trading guild that could establish a well defended trading post would have some helpers and even guards. NPC's working things, doing maintenance even guarding walls, shooting any baddies that get close. Who know's, it would be a great place to hire a follower even.
  4. Good to hear, thanks. Don't worry, I'll track her down.
  5. Well I thought that you stopped off here. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.n...BDB3A4F038E85/
  6. Any chance we can see a trader in Perishton Navezgane? Also I would love to see trader Jen set up on a main road or something. Having to find her in the wastelands is a pain.
  7. For those looking for a challenge. You should try exploring the wastelands at night. You might find some rather interesting things there.
  8. Yeah, I know. But the good thing is that our aim is improving!
  9. Everything is better than No man's sky...
  10. The first one was great. Then they came out with the "With fire and sword" DLC and that was even better. Yes I would love the see an ES6 to.
  11. Alpha-19. The Alpha of the drone Some have expressed concern that everybody will be wanting to use the drone. Well of course they will. It's the new kid on the block. People have been asking for followers for years as well and this drone is both. Once A-19 is out and everybody has had a chance to play around with the new drone. People will get back to asking for new stuff, staring gates and other complaints. You know the normal stuff for this forum haha. So be cool. I;m still waiting to see what happens when bandits get out, or pirates.
  12. Hey Madmole Don't look now but I think everybody want's to see a video! Captain Obvious
  13. Hear's to seeing a video showing off all the new stuff that's going on in the game.
  14. Look before you light. I learned that latter in the same day. I was back at my camp and finally got a pot.I was pretty happy about that. So I quickly lit a fire. Only then did I noticed that hoard of zombies coming right for me. Scared the crap out of me lol. It was my second day and was camping out in the open. You should see my screenshot I posted on STEAM named look before you light. It was quick and fun. I shot up most of them before they got to the fire. The rest chased me around the trader and got stuck in the wire. Made quick work of them.
  15. The game is fun and challenging sometimes. I was in the winter biome on my way back to trader Joe's to turn in a quest. I was loaded down with loot. I was hurt, It was snowing, freezing cold and night was falling. Suddenly, I found myself looking right at a mountain lion. I tried to move but was too slow. At the same time I noticed a few lumberjacks that were closing in who wanted to see me. (I had no idea I could be so popular). Thankfully I still had my blunderbuss and managed to fight them off. Almost dead, I made it back. But I can't wait till I get a bicycle.
  16. I was walking in the game and suddenly realized that there are no water sounds. Are there going to be some added to the game?
  17. Spoiler alert. Zombies are not following social distancing guidelines. So remember to... encourage them. ​
  18. You know, no matter how many times I start a new play-though. I still get worried the first time I get infected. So I don't have any skills or meds and suddenly I get it and suddenly I am rushing around, trying to find a cure. lol. It's very rewarding when I finally do.
  19. Hey. I found a water glitch in the Navagane map A 18.4. Are you still taking bug reports? I have the location. 526 N 1344 W I posted two screenshots on STEAM.
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