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  1. Yes. Madmole talked about it and uses this. I asked him about it being an exploit but he did not agree. Nerd polling is when a player builds a tower or poll of blocks right under there feet, literally. They jump up, place the block and land on top of it. then repeat this step. It's done to reach higher places and other things.
  2. Wow, this looks great. Thanks for sharing. However what I was looking for was to watch streams without the adds.
  3. I just got though most of the stream 4. It would be really great if you all would find another place to stream the updates. Something that doesn't have adds popping up. One moment your really into watching the vid, suddenly your looking at some dork shaving. It's like somebody just knocked you upside your head. Then when you think it's done, they show another add and your sitting there wondering when is this crap going to end? Love your streams guys but the adds have got to go.
  4. I like the changes to the game. Stream 4 A-19 The new stone shovel looks like a spear. This is a good look as it goes with my idea of shovel-spears. I like how you can now find dirt rather than more snow in the snowy boimes. Removing food poison from most foods and reworking it is much better. I hated the idea of risking tossing it every-time I ate. Starting off in the (stone age) should prove more challenging and fun. Before it seemed like I could find a Blunderbuss soon enough to do any good. By the time I found a Blunderbuss it would be too weak to compete t
  5. I I got a question about the stream. http://https://t.co/0NMCJ5ZqBy?amp=1 A-19 dev stream 4. At around 25:48 Madmole and Prime talk about food. Prime has his avatar eat stew. the stew shows a hydration gain of 20 but in the stream hydration drops. Is this a bug? Then I see the stats screen and now food is dropping like a sinker. 28:00 water is down to nothing soon to being followed by food. II The other thing that I find strange is when Madmole and Prime talk about skills. They talk about top ranks and Madmole asked "How many points do you need to get
  6. Hey! Long time, no see. What did I miss? I have been hearing about a stream. Anyone have a Link to this?
  7. Yeah I hear it's a real blast! ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Wasteland challenge. Day one, level one.
  9. My first few days in the Wasteland My first few days in the Wasteland After exploring a missile silo on day one I wanted a challenge. So I started a new game and headed out to the Wasteland, day 1 level 1. I started a new game and spawned in the burnt forest biome and in few game hours to the Wasteland. It was the first time I tried this and didn't know where to go. So I headed to where I thought Trader Jen was. With vultureโ€™s circling overhead and landmines underfoot I headed through. I was still doing the tutorial along the way and got struck by a zombi
  10. Lots of new faces, welcome to the forums. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Yes I am pretty sure it is part is related to the players sphere.
  12. Tell me you got the shadows fixed in A-19. Walking through them is literally like night and day. Also the way that they seem to follow you in the morning and in the evening is a pain.
  13. Thank you Captain Obvious! ๐Ÿ˜„
  14. I just looked at the stats and tested a cloth bandage. I know it is supposed to help increase max health but I don't see any change in it. While I'm at it I also noticed that there does not seem to be any effects for pain killers. Pain killer should: Heal Dehydrate by 40 points. I haven't seen ether effect.
  15. Yes this can make a bandage. No it does not heal. This type of bandage only stops the bleeding.
  16. Cotton? Na! That only stops bleeding. Besides I haven't seen any cotton were I've been. But I hear you, the game will be harder. Looking forward to the challenge. OORAH!
  17. Seems that you are too depended on vending machines. Lots of other ways to get food. I just started a new play through in current game. I spent the first day in the desert burnt and wasteland biomes. I was looking for and found the Red Mesa which I am spending the night clearing of all the baddies and I just leveled up to 2. I got enough food and have found enough bandages and healing plants to get be good. I know that A-19 is a different build but so far the only limitation I heard is with the vending machines. Are there any other limitations to the game
  18. Please tell me you were recording that.
  19. Hopefully we will get some friendly AI soon. Like at the traders post.
  20. Hopefully we will get some friendly AI soon. Like at the traders post. Um because people always talk about him. lol
  21. In Alpha 9.3 I could get them by the stack from supply drops. Those supply drops could be set for every 8 game hours. Good times.
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