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  1. I haven't even invested any points in knives and I am doing really good but that's a good idea to.
  2. Besides the fist wraps. I highly recommend the knife. Like the stone ax it has a duel function. Used to fight even as your gathering when a zombie who just can't wait decides to attack you while your harvesting meat. It has a quick thrust which is good for hunting down rabbits and chickens and vultures. Besides, you never know when you will see a wild animal out there.
  3. Thanks for the info. Do you know why this is happening? I guess this is now a known issue.
  4. Anyone else have an issue with loading a saved game? I just finished a mission for trader Jen but had to log for the night. I logged on to turn in my mission and found that my health and stamina got reset. Then when I tried to turn in the mission I find that there is no mission to turn in. But it was a fetch mission so I still have a quest item stuck in my inventory.
  5. I love the hand wraps in the game. you hit harder and do better. That and the knife make me feel like the predator rather than someone simply defending himself. But the way my Avatar holds her hands is just weird. No offence TFP's but it looks as if she is pushing a grocery cart. I would much rather it look more natural.
  6. Do you like hunting but hate having to deal with those pesky predators? Hate getting bit,clawed and chewed? Having to deal with those bumps and bruises? Replacing missing limbs? πŸ˜‰ No problem, just have the zombies kill them for you. That's right, the zombies will kill things like wolves and even bears for you. All you have to do is go in and finish off the zed and get to harvesting. Your welcome! ☺️
  7. What are these radical concepts of yours?
  8. Guys check this out! German wheel-lock grenade launcher circa 1615
  9. Why are there so many Dire wolves? They seem all over the place and fighting them is like trying to fight a tank. The fight is quite dire. (pun intended!) πŸ˜†
  10. On day three I went after my second supply drop. Unfortunately, it landed in the burned forest and there where two bears practically sitting on it. One zombie and one normal. I snuck around but they would not leave. So I decided to throw a stone. I still can't believe it worked. It never did before. The bear went after the stone which left me free to collect the loot.
  11. I finally rid myself of the virus. I did it with honey. It's a sweet cure. Get it? Honey, sweet? hahaha.
  12. Today I went south and found a ladder leading to the top of a water tower so I went to the top. No loot but still glad I did because there was a Dire wolf ahead and would have run into it had I not stopped. Hanging off the ladder and 20 something stone arrows latter. I dropped it and I got some good meat.
  13. If you could have any handgun added to the game, what would it be and why?
  14. It still takes 7 days to die from the infection right? I got infected on day two. I tried talking to trader Jenny but all she had were some bandages. Every once in awhile, I would find some honey but never enough. So I get it to 4% and I got nothing else. So it rises back up. Dern it. I'm thinking that I might have to become a Dr. to get a cure.
  15. Get yourself some good leather wraps. They are great for clearing houses. Remember left is faster but right hits harder.
  16. Really? From the .22 to the howitzer to the battleship cannon is referred to as a gun.
  17. Thanks. It would be great to see real muskets in the game to and not just these pipe rifles.
  18. Excuse me but what are pipe rifles?
  19. Then shake a led then! If you come across a dire wolf with glowing eyes, run! I attacked one and it was a fight. I ended up winning but was down to like two health. lol Also finding the new zombies very accommodating. One just killed a wolf for me and then gave me it's exp, after I killed it. lol So I got both meat and exp. Thanks buddy.
  20. I just played the experimental and this game is really cool. I noticed that there are now several new preset maps along with Navezgane to play with. Besides random gen RG ofc. I still chose Navezgane While I won't go into details about the Navezgane map I will say that I do like it. Roland, I saw that trader we were talking about a few months ago. Glad you didn't tell me about it then. I found that there are plenty of animals to hunt. That one of the best weapons to use is the knife. Because you can carve up an animal, stab a zombie and go right back to carving without s
  21. Hello. Congratulation Fumpimps on your latest Alpha. I look forward to playing it. I see Roland's new avatar and I can see that he was the little brother getting a noogie! lol.
  22. Only after I get done wit them. 😊
  23. Release date?!? For this game??? Ok who are you and what have you done with The Fun Pimps? I just popped back in and the first thing I see is an estimated release date for Alpha-19 for June 29 in a bright red box on top of the forum. What's up with that? We don't ever give out release dates, no not ever. Really??? lol πŸ˜†
  24. Real Nerds don't forget to turn on there Nerd poles.
  25. Don't you mean Seven hours of stream? lol
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