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  1. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/MacDyvers_Book
  2. Happy new-year yall! I look forward to teasing TFP's even more this year. ( My new-years resolution)
  3. You know, you could make the Blunderbuss as part of the tutorial or better yet as a quest.
  4. Seasons in the game sounds good. Adds more to it the game. I think most people would just move to there winter homes when it get's cold though. But it would be a bit different to exploring though. I mean wait till winter to go through the desert. The snow biome could turn into the plains biome during the warmer days.
  5. Careful with the bad jokes or someone will give you the ax.
  6. One perk that I would like to see is one that allows you to fire two arrows at once. With a minimal spread so you can hit an enemy with both arrows at close range for double damage and hit two targets at once at a greater distance.
  7. Recommend replacing making a club with making a spear in the game start.
  8. Will we be able to grow wheat in the game someday?
  9. Hey Madmole. I just saw the new stone ax for Alpha 19. Then I thought what about several different looks for stone axes? Several different looks of the stone ax that the player would craft at random. The stone ax on the first page looks great. I would love to see several different versions to it though. It would also give TFP's on the art side something to do while bugs are being worked out.
  10. That is so true Odetta... I found that out the hard way both both times. I survived the one at the construction site, I was lucky. But not at the bar. Those things scare the crap out of me.
  11. I have seen bears indoors. Navigane there are two places. Two of them at a bar and one in a construction site under a house. Most of the time they were not an issue. Until they try to go through a doorway... Sorry about your dog... Looking forward to hearing about these new NPC's though.
  12. Well I'm sure that whatever the Fun Pimps come up with will be great. But I am not going to pass up an opportunity to tease them whenever I get!
  13. What is this super corn being talked about here? Is it coming in the next Alpha?
  14. As with many things. You need to be in the Goldilocks zone for best results.
  15. Could this be the Alpha that we get to see bandits and other NPC's in the game?
  16. Hey guys! Hey, I love the new look and the the mattock.
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