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  1. FYI: Damocles Last visited Friday at 12:04 AM (8/21)
  2. First let me say. THANKS SO MUCH ! What you have done is excellent. Concerning the above comment: To place Cities in desired locations... maybe we can make an xml with cords for the center of the city location that Nitrogen can import like the import_HM.png ? Any non flat (or high) area would be omitted when placing the city? <cityposition="-1161,1470" /> <cityposition="7161,1070" /> <cityposition="-352,-5040" /> Also, concerning cities I like to put them in a wasteland because it makes dogs and bears and cops so it becomes a Threat vs High Reward situation... So an option for cities to be enclosed in a biome of choice drop down could be helpful. Is there a way you would be able to add these? (I'd gladly throw you 50$ if so) ;)
  3. I made a custom map and put all cities in a Wasteland Biome. it helps a lot. Outside of cities I have no wasteland as they are just that...wasted land where no one goes much. Using them over cities gives a strong bear and dog population and some cops at night...
  4. "After graduating to the next quest tier traders offer a special quest that will take you to the next trader." THANK YOU.
  5. Yes please. Would be nice to have the server push out paints to players.
  6. (A18) I have a custom built 16 k map 9500 POI's, 11 traders, with some huge cities, I made their biome wasteland so lots of dogs an bears and vultures exist. Nighttime is especially scary with cops and more dogs etc. Give it a spin. Do or Die Fun Forever IP: PORT: 28600
  7. It would be nice if the localization.xml would be pushed to the CLIENTS of a Multiplayer game so that Custom items can be done right.
  8. If Trees are generated in the REGIONS/Chunks in A18.1 then you jumped to A18.2 but didnt wipe the regions 1 hp trees will exist. I just wiped all non-landclaim regions on my dedi... to reduce the issue (then only the landclaim area regions have the 1 hp trees) BTW it was literally asked a page back in this thread... https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?136444-Announcement-Welcome-18-2-b5-to-stable!&p=1073087&viewfull=1#post1073087
  9. Terrain Quality video option ? Will we have an option for Dedicated to restrict clients to a certain Terrain video level max? So we can customize for performance? Is this just a client based feature?
  10. Thanks! Try it out if you like "Do or Die Fun Forever" IP: Port:27200 (Actually I increased the time to craft to 5 mins ... to simulate "rotting" ) Rotten Meat Recipe: <recipe name="foodRottingFlesh" count="1" craft_area="workbench" craft_time="600"> <ingredient name="foodRawMeat" count="1"/> <ingredient name="drinkJarRiverWater" count="1"/> </recipe>
  11. Great idea also. I'll add it to my 16k_huge MP map I got up
  12. Anyone know How do you hide all admins so they are not visible with the star on the leader board. (I know I can remove them from the serveradmin.xml) but I still want them to have admin kick ability but not be flagged as admin?
  13. Great tool ! Love it! If i make a height map and custom biome how would I get the tool to randomly place prefabs and lakes and rivers etc? Thanks for the great coding!
  14. Seeing that the Rotten Meat seems to be scarce in the game and needed for planting plots... I would recommend a Rotten meat maker... Rotten Meat Recipe: <recipe name="FoodRottenFlesh" count="1" craft_area="workbench" craft_time="24" tags="learnable"> <ingredient name="foodRawMeat" count="1"/> <ingredient name="drinkJarRiverWater" count="1"/> </recipe> Not sure how craft_time works.. but make it so it takes about a game day... for it to rot... of course it can be done in a chem or personal timer as well but who would bug down their personal craft timer for a day...
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