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  1. Hi sphereil, Great job on the mod, I played with it for months and enjoyed every bit of it. I have a bit of a problem, so I took a break from 7d2d and within the time period of the break, I upgraded my harddrive to a solid state drive. I stopped playing a little bit after alpha 17 was released. Earlier today I finished installing the 7D2D mod launcher and installed darkness falls with the following process: darkness falls -> install game copy (not from steam) -> play mod with pre-sync and refresh mods automatically. Once the game loads nothing is changed. The game still loads the normal copy of the game, no background change, no font change, everything base game. So I thought maybe there was a problem with the install so I reinstalled everything and wiped the appdata and made sure registry additions were deleted. After reinstalling everything I still encounter the same problem. I am running the game in administrator mode and disabled any anti-virus protections (maybe anti-virus is blocking a connection). I found the log of what the launcher is doing, heres the link: https://pastebin.com/WxNh0FEX . It seems to me that the program is attemping to download the mod files and cannot download the files due to the link not existing...any recommendations or solutions would be very much appreciated! Thanks for your time, -Nemesis
  2. Hi, where can I find myself a sewing kit? I know you get weilding torch from working stiff crates, but I cannot find the sewing kits.
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