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  1. This is literally everything i ever wanted in this game.

    Altought i have a question - would it be possible to make a "lite" version of this mod, whichs adds only guns, without other additional things like T-virus, lavenders, and ambient sound?


    Or perhaps some kind of patch which makes guns from Vanilla Firearms Extended use the same ammo as weapons from this mod? I simply love the AKs much :D

  2. As far as i know none of the guns in this mod are supposed to have crosshairs while ADSing, which not going to lie, i really like about. 

    As for misplaced items - not yet tested it myself, so hard to say how much. How the OG author will some day be back to work further on this mod, or somebody else would take the passed torch.

  3. Your mod is amazing!

    But i wonder, would you be able to release your custom HD weapons (Enfield, Garand, Cheytac etc.) as a standalone modlet, or it wouldn't be possible?

    Asking mostly because of friends server i'm currently playing - while we are all into the mods, it's rather hard to switch completely to your All in One mod now, because of too many changes and loosing all the progress (day 40+, everybody around level 50 or higher). :c

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