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  1. So. First and foremost. You really should have kept this as a single thread, and the additional posts as replies to the main thread. Not a trilogy you have to navigate back to threads to continue reading. You have a lot of ideas here in this massive wall of text, and I have some feedback for you. You almost immediately start rattling off ideas and criticisms in your first post. Which really sets a sour tone to your saga of opinion. Paraphrasing is really key here. The majority of volume 2 the survivor's boogaloo takes aim at the game's concept. Is it styled as an MMO, or an RPG? Does
  2. Not sure what you mean by sneaking isn't viable. My primary mode of attack for POIs is sneaking. With the sneaking perks, sneak attack perks, books, and armor mods. You can easily clear factories or 6flr Apartments without waking up anything. Trouble is the irradiateds that can tank a x4 sneak hit from my t6 bow and steel arrows. Even when they do wake up, so long as you stop moving and let your meter drop, you can lose a zombie that is standing right in front of you. The sneaking perk also muffles your actions by a pretty decent amount. I could see bonus xp for sneak kills, but if you pla
  3. I would like to know how feasible it would be for FTP to rework the electrical system to allows for systems to have multiple parent connections. Perhaps through a specific block, like a transformer. I have a base and a shed with 8 generators, 3 battery banks, and plans to add more solar banks. I'd love to attach them all to the same grid. It would really help simplify the system.
  4. I absolutely love the demolishers. Hulking tanks that draw all your attention in the middle of a frenzy. Kill it immediately, or watch all you love be turned to rubble. Currently the best 35+ bloodmoon strat is to engage in an open field or street with thousands of rounds and just run circles around them. If you rely on a base to save you from a bloodmoon, you are a fool. For their greatest weakness is... lag.
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