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  1. Your not alone bro. I posted here and on reddit. Other people including myself have issues with xbox series controller. mine disconnects every few minutes. Only happens in this game. My older xbox 360 and original xbox one controllers worked fine.
  2. Here is the log, it happened at about 0555 in the game. I immediately logged out. It does not happen when the controller is wired. I can use xbox one controller with no problems. This only affects the newer series x controller. It will stop responding and then resume sometimes after a second or two or a few minutes. This only happens in this game. thanks about 0555 in the game https://pastebin.com/raw/dJ5P0B6J this time at 0618 https://pastebin.com/raw/gzZQ1k8v
  3. I have been playing since alpha 15 and love this game. I have played with my xbox 360 controller, then an xbox one controller. Now I upgraded to two xbox series controllers. They both fail to work correctly in 7 days. If I enable direct input in the launcher they work but only for a few minutes in game then stop working. If I disconnect the controller by turning it off and then back on again it works for a few minutes and then stops responding. This doesn't happen in other games. The controller work fine. Steps I've tried so far: enable direct input, tried my modded version and vanilla version of the game. Tried verifying integrity of files. Tried a clean install. Tried removing other usb devices. Rebooting pc. thanks
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