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  1. Seems to be working now thanks!
  2. Will do after we try that if it's still happening I'll try and send a video.
  3. Hmm weird I'll give those a shot. The odd part is it's not just me having the issue, it's all 3 of us.
  4. The squares marked in red, specifically when in some kind of work bench, campfire, forge, or cement mixer (that's all we currently have built).
  5. Like I said if it's helpful I can zip up my whole mod directory and send it straight to you, that's how I disperse it to my players (son and friend).
  6. Thanks! No rush, we appreciate your willingness to check it out.
  7. Maybe? It places them under the current health and stamina bars.
  8. 7 Stacks, from the Nexus Always Open Trader, Food and Water Bars, and Max Animals/Zombies from Khaine's A19 Modlets here. Wolfbain's 3 A19 modlets from this forum, friendlier recipes, more recipes, and tool stamina fix. Reusable Schematics from the Nexus. Your 375 backpack mod, the newest version. The Tracker Perk (no player tracking) from the Nexus. (Default tracking wasn't showing anything in the compass for some reason.. with this mod it does it some times at least). 3 Perk Points Per Level, which I made "from scratch" but really I hacked away at it trying to figure out the xpathing and then basically ended up copying this mod from the nexus and updating to a19. I'm not quite understanding from the more info section for the combine mod, does that require a fresh map?
  9. Ok so the buttons are working, which is a cool added bonus. 1st slot top left is more reliable now, had no issues with it. 2nd slot top left is still a game of roulette, sometimes it highlights like normal, but when i go to click it doesn't do anything, other times it doesn't highlight at all... in about 5 min of testing I was unable to grab the item out of that second slot. Is there a log I can send you? If you'd like I can actually just send you a zip of my entire mod folder, I don't think there's anything that should be interfering, but maybe? Updating with more info, it looks like it's impacting the workbench and the campfire the worst... with forge i was able to grab item from output slot two, and place back. With workbench I couldn't grab at all, and with campfire I was able to grab but can not place back.
  10. Nice we had missed those when down grading. Is the combine function in the 375 as well, or only in the 630? Will update load order and report back.
  11. Thanks! Really loving the extra space and for the time being we've placed paper inside those spots as place holders, so we don't lose any important items.
  12. Question. Any idea why the top 2 left output squares would be incredibly finicky to grab from? We've encountered the problem with both the mega bag mod and the slightly smaller ~300 bag mod as well.
  13. I've maxed out Animal Tracking at 3 ranks, and yet when I use it, if it detects tracks, nothing is popping up in the compass. Without the prompt of which direction to go the perk is basically useless. Am I doing something wrong? Did they change the compass aspect between A18 and A19? Any help is appreciated, as I'm our groups hunter... and I'm not doing such a great job at the moment.
  14. Y'all folks are champeen. Thanks.
  15. So I'm back, no further problems along my previous line of inquiry, but for some reason it seems like the worldspace cars are digging into the ground below them. We're occupying one of the "military bases" that has a parking garage, and if I drive a vehicle into said garage, it causes terrain damage to the ground all the way in and even while sitting perfectly flat on the ground. Also it's continuously making the rubbing and scrubbing noise vehicles make if you curb check them, even when unoccupied.
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