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  1. Happened to mee, too. I Died on a House thats on a Sea (Fishery something) and when I returned, my Backpack Icon is still there but the actual Backpack is nowhere to be found. Neither in the Water or the Buildung itself. This sucks hard. Had a lot of good Stuff inside...
  2. Hello, in my Opinion its worth it! I bought it for PS4 last year and played nearly 200 Hours. Yes, its not perfect. The Console Version is what was Alpha 15 on PC. Now the PC Version is at Alpha 18.2 (I think). But I have a lot of Fun with it!
  3. Hello Guys, is it possible to start a Online Multiplayer Game with two Players in Couch Co-Op? So that there are 3 Players in the Game, but two on one Couch? Thank you
  4. Sorry, but the Game is 6 years old (on PC) and they Update it. Why they do it? Because the want to get new Customers. And thats whats also possible for Consoles.
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