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  1. Mods are not something console players ever expect. That's why it was such a big deal when bethesda announced mods on console (might as well have just said on xbox because of sonys policies regarding mods) name any other game that was lacking such basic content as character creation on console but had it on PC, or was lacking fundamental updates that fixed major issues granted much of the BS that happens to us on console is only worse on pc because of the new zombies they keep adding. Structural integrity is all but broken on console you either have a base that collapses after a few levels or you end up with prefab that collapse leaving floating blocks. Arrows having no understandable flight path, shotguns being better for breaking doors than killing mobs, I enjoy the game but I've never seen a game with such a large disconnect between two versions. You're correct however hardware was a bad example it was yours however a better example would be buying a software disc and it containing half the tools it does at other stores. Also on the store front you have to scroll way to the bottom past the description to even see the build number prior to purchase (on the microsoft store) so even if your average player would understand build numbers which I promise they won't, hiding them is yet another issue that needs fixed
  2. That would be a good point if these weren't the same product different platforms, a better example would be that PC being sold in 2 different shops but one has the chip removed. And yes the build number is misleading most people dont understand build numbers
  3. Actually YouTube videos could be seen as advertising for the product. Look at games like fire firewatch which had measly sales until both pewdiepie and markiplier did playthroughs, really any walking simulator wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for content creators. Next we have the three quotes of mine of which I never actually make an accusation I merely point out that they have not shown an effort to disclose any information to consumers who arent embroiled in the goings on of this game. On any and all videos posted of this game they rarely speak of the console version, any channel aside from 3? Dont even speak of the console version, if people like Neebs, skippy and glock weren't making videos on this game it wouldn't be seeing the uptick in players on any platform. You could write a novel full of people saying "I saw X-Youtuber playing this so i bought it on console" but i agree if youtube videos arent advertising then there is no where that the console version is being talked about because tfp stream on youtube. I haven't made an accusation I have made observations I haven't said they arent updating it because of money or because they're scam artists. I said they arent making an effort to correct this. I recognize there a bit of a language gap here and so much of what I'm saying may read very different. However without assigning intent i have made no accusation, only pointing out an observable truth if they "forgot" about the store fronts that's because they arent making an effort to correct them were they making an effort it wouldn't be forgotten. They very clearly don't feel it's necessary to disclose this information because again they forgot about it. And finally yes it IS borderline consumer rights violation because in american law they must disclose all information about a product on the store front they cannot have misleading information and if there is an understood way the product is they have to disclose whether or not the actual product reflects that. An example would be selling a pillow that comes in a set of two but hiding the information that you've split the set in the description. The post itself must reflect any and all information that might make a consumer choose differently where they to have that omitted information. And so even the build number is misleading an 18 when the game is closer to 13.5 and the pc version is on 19 things such as this must be clarified otherwise are a risk.
  4. I did say it makes me wonder why it wasn't updated, however proving you own the rights isnt a half-year process, nor is translation, both sony and Microsoft are multinational corporations they have translators on their payroll. You accuse me of jumping to conclusions which I haven't I merely stated the fact that failure to disclose this information is in fact a consumer rights violation (in america I am unclear of the laws in other countries) meanwhile you make nothing but conjecture on behalf of a company that has shown no effort to behave in a consumer friendly way towards its console base at this point we are able to assume its because they dont care perhaps not in a malicious form but intent is irrelevant when in violation of the law I can go check the sony store (USA) and see if it's been updated I failed to do so prior to informing roland of the change on microsoft. I have yet to jump to conclusions I have yet to assign intent and I have yet to see and effort to correct their course so I will call it as I see it and the way I see it is they made enough effort to make sure they now get a larger cut of sales while also not making sure players are aware of the state of the game. Just checked the playstation store, it hasn't been updated from what I see. Telltale is still listed, thebpalystation storefronts are a mess to read.
  5. After the game "goes gold" sure were talking about a game that was sold "as finished" and then ceased to have support not a game that will have received its support and been completed being used to drum up extra revenue for the company if funds from the current sells are being used for the PC version and they are making no effort to disclose that the state of the console versions are as they are that is borderline consumer rights violations no matter what anyone here says such facts must be reflected in the material used for marketing or the store front for the product it cannot be expected that a consumer must seek out information to know that a company has withheld information we are already aware TFP have updated the store fronts to have themselves listed as the publisher it would not be a stretch to wonder why they haven't updated the store front to reflect the fact that the PC version of this game does not reflect the console version. I would be very interested to hear why they dont feel it's necessary to disclose this information to potential customers, rather many only find out after they've purchased the game see the state it's in and then come here or to youtube then find out. A lie by ommission is still a very serious issue when it comes to consumer rights and by not making even the slightest effort to update that store front with needed information they are lying by just saying nothing.
  6. And if they stopped updating the PC version and said "buy a new game" y'all would throw a fit.
  7. Okay so we're dealing with an issue clearly with corruption of saves but primarily in multiplayer. I've seen it happen in split screen play first hand yet I hear more about it in online play, the root cause of this glitch is still a mystery as I've started hearing stories from PS4 guys who've had it so it isnt Microsoft's system, it's something to do with the way the game loads certain chunks.
  8. Yeah what I noticed was the fog tends to get stuck instead of following the player itll hang around areas far from the base so your base is usually covered in it. I was unaware it couldn't be shut off on split screen. Likely due to the added stress of another player.
  9. Hmm so it's happening most often in multiplayer games, that much is clear what I cant figure out is what's causing it exactly. Was the reset on your work or another person in the lobby's work?
  10. So oddly enough I just checked and it's different on xbox it now says, back before when I played it was A1.18. I'm unsure when that changed but this build number is very odd
  11. Then what's the A mean? Also having to wipe our saves means the updates arent compatible, we aren't asking to get to a19 we're talking about updating the game at least a little, no one expects this game to be a 1 for 1 copy of the pc version on console but abandoning the game in favor of selling us a new game next gen makes everyone who purchased the game already very displeased tfp themselves stated that they wanted the rights back so they could continue to support the console version and if by support they meant make a new one I dont really want their support.
  12. But again the updates were always incompatible with our old saves we always had to restart and play anew, if this is a policy put in place after 2017 then it makes sense but if it's always been in place then how was the game ever being updated. Next the game is clearly listed as in alpha which is incorrect as even on pc its labeled as alpha when it's actually in early access, alpha is the stage where your game is feature complete and you stop adding to it. So if its labeled as alpha on both there's a case to be made that it wasn't in fact sold as a complete game.
  13. No in fact the listing for new copies of 7dtd read "pulled by distributor" sure digital copies arent technically being distributed but that's still on those who own the game.
  14. Go to the settings before you're in a game, there should be an option called "allow distant object rendering" set it to yes.
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