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  1. Precisely. POI looting is a ton of fun, but the big reason I keep coming back to the game is base building and crafting. There's a reason 7DTD has become colloquially known as "adult Minecraft". Sure, it would be neat if they eliminated that phrase's existence by buffing the ever living ♥♥♥♥ out of POI looting. However, I feel being considered "adult Minecraft" with looting as a coherent addition is the holy grail. In my opinion, looting should take a backseat to base building and crafting. They can harmoniously exist together. I agree with your edit too. A18 is phenomenal, but a few balance tweaks and it could be the best release yet.
  2. While I discovered I actually enjoy the even more loot-based focus of A18 vs. the slightly more camp-in-your-base style of A17, I feel crafting has taken a backseat. Requiring parts to craft items is ridiculous, and completely defeats the purpose of crafting. For example, to craft a steel sledgehammer, you don't need steel as much as you need steel sledgehammer parts. By the time you're ever able to craft one, you've probably found 3+ tier 6 steel sledgehammers, making crafting completely pointless. The two possible solutions are pretty simple: A) Remove item parts and restore crafting to a similar state as before B) Remove armor/weapon crafting altogether There's not much room for gray area. If looting is the clear winner on how to get better weapons/armor, then crafting is pointless. On the other hand, it takes time to be able to craft good weapons/armor. The time delay of skilling up or finding recipes to craft allows the RNG of looting to work it's magic. So let me present another possible solution: C) A good compromise could be adding "upgrade components" that allow you to craft either 1 tier higher or with just slightly better stats. So for example, if you can craft a tier 5 shotgun, but you also have the upgrade component, you can now craft a slightly above tier 6 shotgun. This would make crafting not pointless and keep looting as important as TFP desire. Again, the stats should be a *SLIGHT* increase, and not some tier 7 or tier 8 level of item. The point is that all those points you invested in crafting before suddenly finding a tier 6 would actually be useful further down the line. This would keep looting vs. crafting from cannibalizing each other.
  3. Just gotta say that marching cubes is what makes the game what it is. Without digging, the game isn't "adult Minecraft" as it has become to be known. Would the game work with static terrain? Sure. It would, however, lose all the magical moments of digging trenches and creating massive underground bases. Also, the lottery-style digging wondering if you'll find an ore vein would be gone. Mining surface rocks is cool because it's convenient, but I always get warm fuzzies when I start a fresh mine.
  4. I made a voxel engine in Unity that's nearly identical to 7DTD. Well, it's technically marching cubes, which the terrain blocks use in 7DTD. My method was to store both terrain and block voxels in a chunk with a flag indicating whether it's terrain or block. When generating the voxel mesh, the terrain blocks would generate treating any neighboring block voxels or non terrain voxels as "air". This allowed the marching cubes algorithm to do it's magic and make the voxels smooth appropriately, and mimic 7DTD's voxels 1:1. Since my voxels were all stored in one chunk, if I wanted to have special behavior depending on terrain or blocks, it was a simple array lookup and bit comparison. So, I could just treat a neighboring block to to terrain as being a "full terrain block" and voila! The terrain will connect to it without any weird holes. So, if 7DTD stores block voxels separate from terrain, it may be challenging to make the special case comparisons without breaking their optimizations. That is, if block voxels are generated in a separate pass from terrain. TL;DR: If 7DTD's voxel chunk's are stored together, i.e. block and terrain, and generated in one pass, it should be quite simple to fix.
  5. Oooh! Are we getting vehicle mods in A18? Stuff like: - Speed Boost - Fuel Efficiency - Mufflers (stealth) - Cargo - Mounted Spikes - Explosive Mod -- Big explosion on vehicle death - Low Gearing Mod -- Better hill climbing - Overdrive Mod -- Damages vehicle for large speed boost - Paint -- Just like dye I know some were present in A17. AFAIK, they mostly weren't implemented (I may be wrong). Either way, I'm excited for vehicle mods.
  6. Two questions: 1) Will we get food/water indicators back on the HUD permanently in A18 or ever? 2) Are there plans to add difficulty presets? Difficulty presets have been amazing in games like Factorio and Kerbal Space Program. The amount of options in 7DTD are fantastic as they are right now, and it's no problem for me to adjust the game for myself. However, new players would benefit greatly from a sort of guided difficulty, but still being able to adjust things. It makes a great starting point and helps set the tone for how you guys intend the game to be played at different skill levels. It also makes a great reference point for the community (i.e. "I always play on Hard but with zombies always run set to off")
  7. Couldn't agree more. As annoying as it is to change tools... which isn't too annoying. Come on. One key. How lazy can you be? Anyway, atleast gravel changed it up. It's always fun to clear big patches of gravel with dangerous cave-ins to uncover ore. Then you gotta build supports like an actual mine to keep it safe. Removing gravel makes it lazy bastard, weak sauce, spam click. Snorefest.
  8. I really like the variety of tier 1 weapons. Stone spear and stone sledgehammer for the win! Oh, and speaking of tier 1 items... What about a stone hammer? I really liked the WotW mod that added stone hammers. If I remember right, they reduced build speed with the stone axe, but added the stone hammer. It made the game a bit more immersive. I mean, I always thought hammers were relatively pointless in vanilla since my base was usually fleshed out enough before finding one. The stone hammer solidified the builder role. What are your thoughts on the stone hammer? I know the obvious is: Does it really add anything that the stone axe can't do? Is it worth "inconveniencing" the player?
  9. Awesome! Is that live in 17.3 b18 i.e. the latest Steam experimental version? Or will it be in next patch or A18?
  10. Unity has upcoming changes to garbage collection, which should alleviate hitching/pauses. Of course that would require another Unity upgrade on their end, which I know from experience is a total ♥♥♥♥ show. Also, if they can implement Unity's ECS system for pathfinding and chunk generation, that would help tremendously. Native multithreading is WAY faster than ye-old threading.
  11. For the zombie radar, I think the pity system would be the best solution. So, by default, start with just the zombie count and no radar. If zombie count is less than 5, show the radar. If more than 5, and less than 10% (or more sensible figures), and no quest zombies have been killed in the last 2 minutes, show the pity radar. This would add tension, and solve the missing zombies problem.
  12. This could be cool: "GPS Mod" Shows the location of this item on your map/compass Of course, the only use would be the spear. Losing your gun isn't a thing AFAIK.
  13. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Interacting by aiming directly is really best case scenario. However, "Fuzziness" works both ways. So, if you're not aiming at something directly, you can interact with it. That's great if it's something you want to interact with. What about when it's something you don't want to interact with? The fuzziness would make all sorts of annoying situations where you can't open a container because something else is in the way. No need to complicate things and ultimately annoy the living hell out of the user for a slight usability increase.
  14. I really like this idea. My fondest memories of previous versions were always of searching for the ever elusive Mini Bikes for Dumb♥♥♥♥s, Chainsaw stuff, and Auger stuff. That was the primary motivating factor to go out and explore. I really wish there were more things like that. In the current version, there's still not a strong push to the player to explore once you've seen most of the content. Having rare blueprints/items helps with that tremendously. So yeah, more rare blueprints would be great. Also, a potential cure to the farming/food problem would be to introduce a mechanic where crafting the next seed costs progressively more. This works great in the game Forager (really kick ass game, worth checking out). So perhaps the first seed costs 10 plants, the next 12, the next 16, the next 24 etc. I know this has it's problems, like a new player could hop in and craft a lot of seeds, but I feel it's a good concept that could be shaped to work with the game rules. Oh, and if those rare blueprints/items were perhaps biome specific, that would be amazing. Lots of times, I find no reason to explore biomes since they're mostly the same apart from some of the obvious things like aloe and snowberries. Biome specific blueprints would really drive players to explore every corner of the map.
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