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  1. I like that the seemed to combine the burnt forest and wasteland biomes. The atmosphere is awesome in that biome now. I dislike that you need to eat so much food to function.
  2. hur hur hur @madmole I guess the The Fun Pimps don't have a project manager whipping their asses, and that's why they can't self impose deadlines and then stick to them, but at least be professional enough to remove the junk drone from the A19 release notes if it aint even in. Spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get one in game. I ask a polite question in the forum, and all I get is your laughing emojis on the two echo-chamber nucklehead posts above.
  3. @madmole, can you tell us when the junk drone is going to be added please?
  4. I'm using more mods. I heard the devs are collecting telemetry data, so I'm strategically using mods to indicate to them the issues that I find problematic, so for example bigger backpack mod and more wandering zombies, stacking mod, etc. Also the shorter zombie reach mod for multiplayer because that still seems borked compared to single player ... and it's not ping.
  5. I miss the free roaming zombies of A15, and the large number of them. The sleeper zombies that are all hiding in funny places make the world feel empty.
  6. You do. I've found 2 pistols in toilets in A19 already. Yeah. Would be better if stone tier maybe only went up to level 3. Then the next tier's level 1 items would actually be an upgrade. There's no ways I'm swapping out my pink stone shovel for a level 1 metal shovel.
  7. Not really. I played with a mod recently by JaxTeller which ramps up the zombie spawns and didn't notice much difference in performance. My PC isn't the greatest. Back in A15, there were a lot more zombies and the game ran great for me. Now I just turn down settings slightly to account for better graphics.
  8. I'm out of reactions for today, but would have given you a thumbs up. lol
  9. I agree gameplay trumps realism, but eating, eating, eating is not good gameplay, at least not for me. Someone mentioned before that this isn't just a survival game. A thing Pimps seem to forget sometimes I think. If you make a pure survival game, your much smaller audience will be happy with complexity and want you go all the way, but when you are catering to other markets too, then you need to balance for everyone. No, I was aware that animal spawns were going to be turned down when I wrote that comment - I was giving my 2 cents on the post that I quoted. Thanks for the poo emo
  10. Maybe its mentioned so many times because its a valid argument that several people feel the same way. Or maybe it has to be reiterated over and over because you won't let people have their opinions.
  11. Would like to have less animals, more zombies, and food in general to be more sustaining. I don't play this game to eat 500 cans of dog food. I play it for the zombies and the looting and the building. Wouldn't you prefer it if food was rare, but filled you up properly. I cannot wrap my head around eating that much and then my stomach rumbling a minute later. I don't care if can are 'low tier' - it is still ridiculous eating that much.
  12. Given that I understandably haven't read 500+ pages of this thread, I wouldn't know what you've said several times, and honestly, I don't know what you're saying this time. Are you saying that loot is not tied to game stage? If not, then how is I am only getting low tier loot regardless of the POI, and i'm hearing from others that are further along that they are only getting high tier stuff. I hope you haven't tied it to game days - that would be even weirder. In multiplayer, people join a server at different times...
  13. Quick, someone grab his shoe-laces. I think he's about to creep right in. 😂 "Power looting", mate? Please... now I've heard it all. Tying the loot to game stage just removes the desire to visit any difficult POIs or crack any safes because I'm just going to get stone axes anyway. It's bad enough that zombie difficulty is tied to loot stage. They too should be tougher in tough POIs. Give me a reason to go out there.
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