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  1. At least i7 or die or i7 to buy Love this game btw.
  2. Having said it, you'd agree that the point of genetic modification could be increasing of hydrocarbons concentration, not edibility or nutritiousness. =) Perhaps it's practicality, not GMO-phobia.
  3. Is there any chance to find a change-log for the tool? And how are resources (ores) being generated? By a game or by a tool? I've got two deserts on my map, and one of them has got only about 4 stacks of oil shale. Imo it's not enough. But i may be wrong.
  4. Since my first play I've never had a hard time finding water because the only source of water I use is snow. I usually spend a half an hour of a real-time to dig enough to supply myself for in-game 2-4 weeks. =) Waiting for an option to generate maps with adjustable number of lakes. OMG it's a great tool!
  5. Is there a chance to see a setting for adjusting number of big lakes? And ability to prevent "water-spraying" on plains.
  6. Hi there! Where can I get this one? The archive doesn.t contain exe (to work w/o java installed).
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