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  1. Is there a guide for how to do your own biome and land shape?
  2. Nothing yet. I can say it is not video card related. Had the error last week with a geforce card. Have the error this week with a radeon card. I may test some more. To see if there is some POI setting that will allow the tool to not bork up traders when using Compopack. Like city grid, maybe. Or perhaps I'll wait for the next Nitrogen update to see what happens.
  3. Sure, I'll add that to my list of things to try. I've become an expert on the tutorial by now so it goes very fast provided I can find a birds nest. Next thing I am going to try is running experimental patch, THEN run nitrogen with Compo pack 42 and generate a new map. Don't think I did that, yesterday. While I played around in experimental patch, I think I may have generated all the maps in Nitrogen before I patched. So want to check if it just something outdated that's pulled from the game installation files when it created the map. EDIT! Nope, generating the map after updating to experimental still produces errors with Compo Pack 42 selected. Import from resource folder made no difference. Still got errors. Compo Pack 42 just doesn't seem to want to work on my computer, for whatever reason. For map generation, anyway. I can still play multiplayer with hubby when he generates the map.
  4. I seem get the error on the last "Locate trader" part of tutorial if I selected Prefab: Compo Pack 42. I don't think my husbands computer have a problem generating maps with that selected. But not 100% sure. But it may just be an issue on some computers.
  5. - - - Updated - - - No, I have those set to off. This is a fresh 1 day old game installation. I downloaded nitrogen (and java) today. Checking file integrity found nothing to fix. Ihave not crashed, yet. I can still exit the game normally, even when the errors happen. Screenshot of the nitrogen settings I am using: EDIT! I tried generating an entirely new map, same settings, using nitrogen. Same errors. I placed the firepit before the tutorial asked me to, no errors. Place a second one when the tutorial asks, errors all day. So it seems finishing the second to last part of the tutorial triggers it. So might be trader related? Since that comes next. EDITx2! Looking at the screenshot of the error I can confirm it seems to be trader related. "Locate trader 0.0 m". Don't need to understand metric to know that's wrong. EDITx3! After clicking "reset selections to default" under Advanced in Nitrogen I do NOT get this error on the last step of the tutorial. So it seems to be some non default settings in the top screenshot that might be the culprit. Or some other hidden settings problem that the reset fixed. I'll see if I can narrow it down. EDITx4! It seems to be caused by City Size: Mega. Possibly in combination with Traders: Many and/or Prefab List: Compo Pack 42. I have not tried Mega Cities by itself as the only default alteration. But using just Compo Pack 42 and Many Traders together did not cause problems. I'm assuming this is not something that happens to everyone so this is My Computer: I will be getting a new graphics card in a week or so. Will report back on any changes, if I remember EDITx5! Error seems be caused by Prefab List: Compo Pack 42. With just that selected and everything else default, I still got the error.
  6. I'm getting errors with maps I generate with this tool. They do not happen on the pre-generated maps. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Happens as soon as I put the firepit down in the starting tutorial and just repeats forever. Exiting and starting up again does not help. Deleted the save and started over, it happened again. Play on the pre-generated maps and I get no errors. I am playing on stable version. Is this generator just for experimental and that is why? Or is there another reason for the generated maps bugging out for me? *Edit* Tried starting a new game on experimental version and still getting the error when I place the fireplace.
  7. Are there plans for allowing adjustable biome sizes in future versions? Like the percentages for flatland, mountains... Or some other way. I would really like if wider biome belts of desert and/or snow was an option.
  8. It was on stable version, not experimental. Should have mentioned that. I'll try and remember to keep an eye open. I only noticed because I was trying to get the cigar discount on a specific item and instead it poofed when I was blowing smoke in the vendors face.
  9. For some reason the JAVA link in the OP directed me to the 32 bit version, even though I need the 64 bit. So if anyone else gets an error mentioning needing java, even after you have it installed, that might be why!
  10. My character has Better Barter 3 Found a crucible in Trader's Secret Stash Equipped cigar to reduce the price, crucible vanished from stock. Unequipped cigar and crucible reappeared, again. Cigar still seems to function as far as giving strength boost and reducing the price, on items that don't vanish anyway. So cigars seem to be fudging with vendor inventory in a negative way. Possibly only the secret stash. And maybe only if you have 3 levels, or more, in Better Barter.
  11. I agree that it should be working. Just wondering if it actually is.
  12. Example A18 STABLE seed: Pig Pen. When I generated the map on my computer it loaded a map called "West Wokebi Territory" When a buddy tried to use the same seed for his dedicated server it made a map called "North Hoxifu Mountains". I can't guarantee he typed it in correctly, of course, but he claims he did. But we are both on stable A18. This and the whole "bugged terrain generation because of your graphics card" thing makes me wonder if it is no longer possible to reliably share seeds because something is pulled from your computer to add to the randomness during map creation. An official response would be nice!
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