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  1. Most everything I agree with has been said I firmly believe A16 was the best version no, I don’t want another one-week ban without any warning for “Doom and Gloom” again, but I’m not saying anything worse here than what’s already been said Theres been many things changed about the game that aren’t viewed by everyone as positive changes - saying that should be a bannable offense
  2. So I just got this v7 for A18 and there’s no info to be found anywhere even on the guys Twitter page id love to see a feature list just can’t find it
  3. Wow No one cares that the hits happen far beyond the range of the animation?? in 2020 after millions of dollars raised, that doesn’t bother anyone else?
  4. The devs are seemingly finding ways to use the current system and keep tweaking it and instead of fixing anything, they’ve done the exact opposite and started gimping mechanics like “can’t sprint backwards” and next was making the hit detection far more sloppy as if it’s it going to make the game more of a challenge Please don’t give me a “challenge” by borking pre-existing mechanics - that’s not good game design, that’s just moving the goalposts with “forever in Alpha” in mind - it’s obvious at this point
  5. It’s utterly borked since A16 and worse in 18 than 17 This is is a collision detection issue guys, and A18’s collision detection is very PlayStation 1 era = you can get “hit” far beyond the box of the animation And that’s what’s happening here - incredibly terribly coded collision detection - there’s no defending it, you literally can take a hit a great distance beyond an animation
  6. it was like, in effort to make their game harder in some weird way, the devs definitely extended the range of “contact” far past the animation - it’s absolutely stunning that game with this much money raised still has very fundamental problems, like collision detection
  7. Always been that way. Absolutely terrible sound design. What suck is I'm a professional audio engineer....and I can't tell if the sounds are just f'd up by a total noob at the controls, or if their incompetence actually adds to the tension. Of course I'm talking about A16 = Anyone who like anything after A16 is a fool, IMO
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