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  1. Most everything I agree with has been said I firmly believe A16 was the best version no, I don’t want another one-week ban without any warning for “Doom and Gloom” again, but I’m not saying anything worse here than what’s already been said Theres been many things changed about the game that aren’t viewed by everyone as positive changes - saying that should be a bannable offense
  2. So I just got this v7 for A18 and there’s no info to be found anywhere even on the guys Twitter page id love to see a feature list just can’t find it
  3. Ac75


    Lol Now “there’s no guarantee an EA game will get completed” being tossed around as some form of defense of this titles ovbious going to be longer than 8 years dev cycle just stop - save dignity lol
  4. To me, it’s incredibly dumb and just like an idea someone on the dev team must have thought was a good idea after smoking something Because just look at the Model of it - it looks totally out of place with the rest of the game theu should have just made cops improved or just made a few cop variations this demo character is out place both in looks snd in function and the only the only reason we can’t say it’s not canon is because even after 7 years of development and 10 million copies sold there’s zero back story
  5. You’re right its a mildly sentient zombie - that explodes thats pretty dumb now you say it
  6. Ac75


    Amen to that! Tired of the bullying and condescending - happens daily on the Steam forum too
  7. Ac75


    So it’s going Gold this year? 2020? It came out in 2013 ?
  8. Game is now “7 Ways to ruin your game since A16”
  9. Ac75


    Wow! Intelligent life! youre not incorrect here its s a shame how some instantly, after 6 or 7 years now in development, always resort to insulting other people about what they don’t Monique about game development when in fact, this game is incredibly unique in that regard some still seeit as a prime opportunity to demean others tho and sadly looks like there’s no end in sight to that
  10. Ac75


    Guess we wait another couple years 10 years is not a long time for a game to be developed
  11. Much of what you’re taking about is just bad changes they made after A16 really - read it thats almost all bad post-a16 additions and changes i do actually like the Hunter perk - because it’s a good gameplay mechanic and it can be fun for one person intnthe group to spec it i still think it’s on the long list of tweaks post A16 that did more harm than good though, the changes to the skill tree that is
  12. He’s spot on sure, “fix it in settings” hiw about fix fix the game that has raised millions of dollars?? Why has t a fix been put out already? possibly my most favorite game ever but omg, some of the design choices and changes and the length of time between fixed and updates is really bizarre yep, I know all about Early Access games as well - truly wish this game was updated, fixed, or even felt like those issues were “addressed “
  13. Wow No one cares that the hits happen far beyond the range of the animation?? in 2020 after millions of dollars raised, that doesn’t bother anyone else?
  14. Sorry that happened - are you sure it’s not in the sky?
  15. I’d play daily again if the game was A16 with A18 gfx
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