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  1. There's few item like the casino coins when the stack size is higher than 30k , it causes errors , because there's a limit for it
  2. it shows there's other mods are installed like SphereII Winter Project (
  3. Hello Gpcstargate Definitely A20 looks Interesting I'm working as Hard as possible for A20 adding stuff and changing few things Anyway Apoc now for A20 won't be out until it A20 goes stable
  4. The Full Smx UI doesn't work with the Mod I added few SMX UI Modlets , not all of them Regarding the error , I didn't hear anyone had this issue
  5. it seems there's missing files , that's why you are getting errors if you can , send server log
  6. will it based on your gamestage , and seems you got wandering horde
  7. Feral irradiated or weak radiated Zombies don't spawn at night Zombie wight spawn at night normally
  8. the Game-stage based on difficulty , for example default (difficulty number 2 ) game-stage goes up 2.4 per lvl warrior (difficulty number 4 ) game-stage goes up 3.2 per lvl , insane (difficulty number 6 ) game-stage goes up 4.0 per lvl so it based on what difficulty they are playing
  9. generic notes are random lootables , you might get 1 or 10 based where you loot it , like a vehicles or book shelf , and when you scarp schematics or books you get 3 generic notes
  10. the reason you are getting this error because it's not compatible with the sorcery mod
  11. hi Gpcstargate , to upgrade from steel to stainless steel you need the regular nailgun , but from stainless to titanium you need the Titanium nailgun
  12. New update is out , the mod is back on Mod launcher
  13. The reason this happens , I change mod files location from Gitlab to GitHub And currently I'm working on a major Update , it will be out soon a temporary downloading link for the mod , until i release the new version https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1446
  14. you can harvest fruits and vegetables from trees and grass , and you buy them from trader
  15. you can harvest fruits and vegetables from trees and grass , and you buy them from trader
  16. to keep you updated new Major update coming soon
  17. you should change the ui size from 100% to 94% , this will fix the problem I will see what is the issue
  18. doing +60 damage in which difficulty ? / in the other hand chickens has 100 HP and can be easily killed a new update coming soon fixing all the maps
  19. wrong installation , try to install it from mod launcher
  20. Titanium tools you can't recycle it , it's intended But 9mm steel ammo , I will take a look on it Thank you for reporting it
  21. Hello , I removed a lot of laggy Poi's To make the game run better
  22. all the bugs you mentioned have been Fixed
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