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  1. I would love to see the analytics on this vid to see just how many people actually watched it all the way to the end lol
  2. So much for release first half of 2020. I hope it’s a nice HUGE update that’s worth the extended wait.
  3. So I was thinking of the lore as to how the Zombie Apocalypse started. I say the hyper deadly deadly corona virus. but since it is in game you rename it to a different beer.... How about the michelob ultra virus. what ya think?
  4. Nice new fresh look to the forums. Is this the Alpha 19 update for the forums website? :friendly_wink:
  5. Whats the RWG Random Biomes feature? anyone know what that is going to be like in A19
  6. Rocket launches technically make little sound when firing. It’s the screeching sound the rocket makes as it flies to its target. So there is no need for a suppressor and it’s impractical as well.
  7. #lazypeople I love how you have to find certain materials. makes the scavenging part of the game relevant.
  8. this doesn't really tell the whole story.... what is your char lvl? what your GS? what is your day/night settings (10 minute days)? what are your perks? are you spec into machine guns? how many books about the machine guns do you have? whats your LL at? do you use Lucky goggles? there are so many factors as to y you spent a lot more ammo and time vs the loot you got.
  9. With how easy it is to craft ammo in the mid game. I think ammo found in loot needs to be a lot less. because I got a pistol day one and have never looked back.
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