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  1. I would love to see the analytics on this vid to see just how many people actually watched it all the way to the end lol
  2. So much for release first half of 2020. I hope it’s a nice HUGE update that’s worth the extended wait.
  3. So I was thinking of the lore as to how the Zombie Apocalypse started. I say the hyper deadly deadly corona virus. but since it is in game you rename it to a different beer.... How about the michelob ultra virus. what ya think?
  4. Nice new fresh look to the forums. Is this the Alpha 19 update for the forums website? :friendly_wink:
  5. Whats the RWG Random Biomes feature? anyone know what that is going to be like in A19
  6. Rocket launches technically make little sound when firing. It’s the screeching sound the rocket makes as it flies to its target. So there is no need for a suppressor and it’s impractical as well.
  7. I hope so its already in game all be it in the CM. so it should be an easy addition. I will remain hopeful in the mean time I have spawned in a stack (500) of each block type to ensure I can use it on my play through because it is a difference maker
  8. That's annoying i don't understand why that block set would only ever be "dev blocks" its perfect for vehicles not to mention it adds more customization to the game which is great. the more verity the better. I hope that they put it into the helper block selection soon. seems like an easy thing to do.
  9. @MM Found these 13.75 degree angle blocks in a POI that says "Plating" on the out side. Problem is they are no where in the game. I found them in the Creative menu. it is a 4 block set named: narrow wedge high narrow wedge mid narrow wedge low narrow wedge tip these blocks are perfect for vehicles as they don't damage them when you drive up them or down them. can these please be added to the game?
  10. #lazypeople I love how you have to find certain materials. makes the scavenging part of the game relevant.
  11. MM was saying that once a new system is done they will push it out. So idk if there will be A19 anytime soon. Very encouraging to see this stuff!
  12. the desert should not have clay soil as it is made of sand at least that is what the intent is. you can't have every resource in every biome. if the did that there would be ZERO incentive to travel to different biomes. I personally wish one day that they add more raw ore types to the game and strategically place them in separate biomes here is what I was thinking what TFP "could" do now to spread out the raw materials. Forest Biome: Iron, Nitrate Snow Biome: Iron, Lead Desert Biome: Iron, Oil Shale Burnt Biome: Iron, Coal Wasteland Biome: Iron, Coal, Oil Shale, lead, Nitrate (but very random and more spread out) This is for the surface indicators. I'd keep in the fact that if you just dig under ground that you can still encounter random ore chunks. but at least this forces people to go to the different Biomes to gather the ore they need. this is a long shot but I do hope that they add more depth to the mining and crafting system. like add in things like copper, cobalt, tin, zinc, over time. if not i am happy with what we got. I am all for additions to the game. I love Conan Exiles crafting system as there is just soooooooo much dept to it. I am not asking for 7D2D to go that route but I feel like they have a way more robust crafting system in place. I am confident Joel will take a look at the crafting systems and flush it all out in due time and if not that is what the moding community is for. over all @MM just an incredible Alpha. Can't wait for what is coming!! - - - Updated - - - the art of mining book is the replacement for getting rare gems (silver, gold, diamonds)
  13. what would be kool if they added a turkey NPC animal to the game with turkey recipes for the season. but regardless A18 is amazing!
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