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  1. Hey there, i recently got to unlock the "future is now" and used a syringe to gain the "GottaGoFast" bio boost skill.

    Since you said we could only use either the bio or tech boosts i ended up playing test candidate for my friends to see what happens if i use a syringe of the other "skillTechBoosts".


    Well, with one point in "GottaGoFast", i used a "AcceleratedHealing" and it told me i now had 1 point in the tech boosts.


    I checked in the skills to find that the 1 point i previously had in "GottaGoFast" was now red, while "AcceleratedHealing" was active and 1 point representing it's level.


    Ok, i thought maybe it's just switching between them by activating the last tree you used a syringe from, BUT nope.


    Here the bummer, i used "EnhancedImmuneSystem" syringe of the first tech tree to hopefully activate the "GottaGoFast" again and had to find out, that that did use up the syringe and add a "red" point in the bio tree under the used "EnhancedImmuneSystem".


    It did not change back and i was stuck with only being able to use the tech tree.


    Conclusion, yes, you can only use one, but the fact that it does allow a one time change without going back option should be made known.

    In that regard, i wonder if it would be possible to trigger something like max level reached for books, where further usage of a maxed out skill book does not consume the book and gives a feedback.

    That would save curious players like me, maybe others, from being stuck in the exact wrong "future is now" sub-tree ;)


    Looking forward to the future of the DF overhaul .. no pun intended :p

  2. Hey Guys


    I have the following problem: After installing the mod on our dedicated server, only one player can join at a time. Each additional player has the message "Waiting for server ...", without anything happening afterwards. Even after a long wait, nothing changes.


    What are we doing wrong?


    Firstly i would like to ask if they tried to open the console while they were waiting, with our dedicated server we had some issues that certain files were not found and it did not pop a message or open the console, it just let us hang waiting til we eventually had to force-quit the game-client.

    Even with everything fine, it can still take long for more then one player to get in, would like to know a way to speed that up myself.


    Though we use a LAN PC as server and not a rented server somewhere off location.


    Just press F1 as soon as you clicked on join server, if anything is wrong it should be red text, mods that do not load right can be yellow.

    Should if all is fine be plain text without much coloration ;)

  3. Thanks for the help man,so it's not only me seeing those trader and captain doubles..

    yes playing solo and killing them does not help with FPS,but killing most of the guards solves the problem completely :)

    They respawn after quiting entering the game however,but i don't live near traders so it's not a problem.


    But maybe you could tell me where exactly i need to look to change animal spawns ?

    Is that somewhere in the SPAWNING.XML ? :)


    if you want the guards gone you need to use the server side xml files .. i believe it was "blocks.xml" and "entityclasses.xml" in your client.


    Just go to KhaineGB repository and save the "blocks.xml" and "entityclasses.xml" from the "dfexperimentalserver/data/config" folder directly over your files in your "7 days to die/data/config" folder. No need to download the entire ~2.6gb servermaster.zip.




    There you go in data/config and load the 2 files. Ask if you have trouble saving them.


    That way even if you play solo, you won't have all the guards spawn. Who knows, maybe you gonna want to move in after all the mercenaries left :D


    The spawning of animals is roughly set in the serverconfig.xml and in the registry for solo.



    <property name="MaxSpawnedAnimals"				value="50"/>

    well go and set it lower and try.


    registry, (use regedit.exe) search for "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die":

    MaxSpawnedAnimals_xxxxxxxxx (xxx placeholder for some weird letters and numbers), set it to "decimal" well lower :p


    Good luck.

  4. I want to clarify, is there some file that I can go into and edit to change how often horde night happens. Because the horde night every night option has vanished for me.


    Two options, server:


    adjust the serverconfig.xml to reflect:


    <property name="BloodMoonFrequency"				value="1" />


    or in case you play solo:


    go in the registry where the settings are now located and look for:


    "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die"

    where you find a key named "BloodMoonFrequency_xxxxxxx"(instead of xxxx you will see some random numbers and letters).

    Change the value to "decimal" 1, that should do the trick.


    Leave the range option as default and have fun in the night time ;)

  5. Could you tell me the fix for the wrench-bug? I'm just at the beginning of a new game and my starting professions are laborer and survivalist. After I think the first tow quest of laborer, I lost the receipts for workbenchtools. I don't want to cheat it.


    edit: I also lost, forge ahead and iron tools


    btw. it is possible to play with A17.4?


    The general perks you can buy with points or find from books can become disabled when you have a class that has those perks included. Laborer for example becomes able to craft a forge and iron as well as steel (later as only class even titanium) as it's needed for that class to function. Should you have learned or unlocked the perks beforehand, does that generally mean you wasted a point or book. The class when fully gained (mastery) will give you those perks and most the time higher versions of them again.

    You may at the start have lost the ability, since you started with the class quest, but once finished you should find that you can craft it again.

    Just read in the class info under the first level and the mastery level what you can expect from them and well what perks you may not need to look for books for.


    I personally did not update my gameclient to 17.4 but when applying the DF exp. version the game says i play version 17.4 so i guess yes (experimental though)


    I mean the perk itself, its supposed to give us 50+ slots but its not working... The mods for clothing and armor are optional if you dont want to use perk points on it.


    The Perk only gives you 30 extra slots when maxed out. Just checked, in both stable and experimental version of DF. So you have to use clothes with extra carry capacity and mods like Advancedrigging and such.

  6. This was mentioned before by some people,but i also agree

    Please kill all the animals or leave just a few man :D,impossible to get survival feeling when there's so much meat running around,it makes other food sources not necessary,just charred meat is enough in the game.

    Same with wood,stone axe gives so much wood that you don't need other types of axes probably.

    especialy when wood traps requires so little resources.


    By the way,how much RAM do you need for this mod ?

    When i play DF custom small map my RAM(16GB) is always on max,does it mean i maybe need 32gb ? :/:)


    p.s. Damn traders,when near them FPS goes from 60 to ~40 :(:D


    You can adjust the amount of animals spawned in the settings of your game, server-settings if you run dedicated.


    16GB should be more then fine for solo, if you do not run a dedicated and your own game on the same machine.

    I did do that and ended up having issues so running a dedicated server now on a 8GB older machine and it's better.


    Also the low fps when near traders makes me guess that you play solo, means you have the guards around the trader, if so, you should normally still be fine, BUT in case you end up having those double entities glitch, i would ask you to check if your trader / guard captain is there more then once. Talk to them and see if there is a second one overlapping him. Use command "le" for list entities and if there are more then one, you can just kill one with "kill X" as X being the id of the entity from the previous command.


    I play on a dedicated server and for whatever reason had sometimes at a trader 2 guard-captains and traders. After killing a twin of each it was better. But having all guards double can sure make the game lag a lot. One of the reasons why server-side config files have no guards.

  7. So these exploding guys...are they disguised as radiated dogs? During horde night we got 80+ for our day 21 horde and it was just way overwhelming. Fun as crap but wow...wasn't expecting that...they broke into the base and blew up our battery bank


    Another question - Smelting titanium. Advanced Forge doesn't have a collector number like the others. Even with the crucible in the advanced forge it wont start breaking down. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?



    Disguised? .. means they come as dogs and turn into the smoking zeds or what now?

    I encountered the smoking zeds (smoke makes them easy to distinguish oh and they all can puke like police zeds) around horde on "day" 21 as well, but levels can be affected by so much and game-stage as well :p


    Regarding the advanced forge, it seems to stop when you open it, before the last patch i believe it was snailing down the game too much and may have been adjusted that way. If you put something in the adv. forge and close it wait a bit and open again it should have molten some already. At least that is how it works for me.


    Should you still not get titanium molten, may that be for you do not have the perk for handling titanium, best guess.

    Have fun with the smokers, they will now bother you more and more.

  8. I finished the quest line and it shows that I have the mastery unlocked. But it will not let me craft the steel crossbow. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? I have the laborer class too is that the problem?


    If i read that right, you learned the survivalist class, while the bow is in there,

    the steel crossbow is in the Hunter Class mastery. Means you may need to get another class going.

    Laborer does not make it impossible, it's just some skills that you could buy will be blocked by classes since they already offer the skills.


    @KhaineGB: please correct the post above, it's not survivalist but the hunter that get's the steel crossbow ;)

  9. @KhaineGB: I found that the "DFmeleeSpearTitanium" seems to be the odd one out as it says in recipe it's crafted with weldingtorch, though if you try to craft it there you find no "Craft" button, my friend then tried around while i was checking in the xml and we found it works on the normal workbench while


    <recipe name="DFmeleeSpearTitanium" count="1" tags="learnable">
    <ingredient name="DFresourceArrowHeadTitanium" count="2"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="10"/>
    <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="5"/>


    does not even suggest that either. Please update the info where it's crafted or make it so it needs the metalworkbench to craft as it says in the info.


    Also, i believe the "BlockRange" of the titanium spear is a bit over the top with 15, let's you harvest grass from the other side of the road, but zombies need to still be nearly as close as when you use a club for example.


    I wrote a little modification for me and my friends to have all spears have a 5 Block- and MaxRange as well as 6 with Power Attacks (a lot slower then club Power Attack so imho reasonable), compared to other weapons like the club with only 3.

    That way the long spear does not feel like a toothpick anymore, but actually like a long weapon to poke zeds eyes out with.

    Still not so easy to aim, but with the range more realistic and finally a weapon able to keep the zombies from infecting you if you miss the swing.


    Well since you put the titanium spear in, maybe you might be interested in trying the 5 for block and entity range.


    While i am talking about the spear, do you know if it's possible to allow spears to be used to attack through "iron bars" for example?


    Keep the zeds coming and thanks for the constant improvements.


  10. Hey guys, yet another question. How do I unlock the tech tree? I have mastered all the class quests and thought that that would do it, but nope. What am I missing?


    you will need to go scavenge the science labs and bunkers specifically added by DF to get the purple papers and when you get 10 you can craft the book. No other way ;)

  11. Moved prefab list files to GitHub and added links in the respective posts.




    Can you change / add these links to the front post instead of the link to the forum post, please?




    All prefab lists in a single file (latest versions):



    In regard to the new links and versions,

    i would also like to add a new version of the parser,

    for all that are interested:




    Gonna relink to the new version in the earlier post as well.

  12. @Damocles:

    First i would like to thank you for bringing me to program a bit again, didn't have a project for a while (also hobby wise), just unless you i do not work in IT mainly.

    After i wrote that script for the prefabs, i licked blood and kinda got stuck working on more funktions.

    That said, i finally got something nice together and was wondering if you could help me with the dtm.raw files once more.

    I bet you are busy, if so, maybe someone else could help me out with the following.


    I try to understand how/what i write in the raw file along the image data from the heightmap.

    Aware where i need to put the info, i am sadly not to familiar with what and how to calculate the extra info that the game needs to smoothen the world.


    Thanks again,


  13. Much appreciated and even if it may go against the idea of using T2/T3 spells as big hitter, in the heat of the battle i most the time find myself using the T1 spells and hope for a proc of the runes, especially if i have to pick zeds from my friends .. :p

    While if zeds flock together the T2/T3 make me smile. Still, never underestimate a specialized pimped T1 fireball :D

  14. May i inquire about the "smallengine" quality factor?

    I tried to craft an engine for my car and of course looked forward to get a tier 7 or 8 and only get tier 1 engines :miserable:


    After a few failed tries i went behind the curtains and checked if there is a requirement i missed .. turns out that there seems to be no mentioning of "smallengine" in regards of "CraftingTier" aside the unlock from "Mechanic Mastery" in any file what so ever.


    Do i guess right that we are not supposed to craft tier 7 engines then??

  15. While i would say the lightning is looking and .. well feeling good, it sure lacks a bit compared to the fire. Dunno if the lightning should not deal a substantial damage as well. Considering that if someone is hit by lightning they usually either instantly die or get nasty burns OR lucky survive.

    Leaving the last option out, the effect i see on the zeds with the blast of purple is really a bit weak on the feel, good on the eye though. Love the style and the stuneffect, just please pimp it a bit regarding damage (or is there a way to boost the damage to actually kill zeds with lightning like fire can).



    Another question, was wondering, my friends using Military Armor and me Sorcery Armor both found some carrying capacity mods.

    They sure were able to use it and i was still running cucumber style. (encumbered ofc)


    So i checked and found that Darkness Falls seems to have a tag that is not in your sorcery items.xml.

    "armorRigging" for Chest Armor pieces.

    Would you want to include that for DF players please?

    There are other things i can understand you not having included in the tags for the Sorcery gear like insulation but pure carrying capacity should not be ignored by clever sorcerers, we need pockets too.. remember those magic pockets ... we should have endless space (just kidding):p

  16. @KhaineGB:

    Sorry, but i believe it was mentioned/asked about before already, the CompoundBow perk unlock problematic.

    I love to use a Bow and thus could not sit still with the perk being red and without description, thus i dug around a bit and i found something that seems to have fixed it(for me so far, hope you can fix it for everyone else soon).


    May i humbly ask if you could confirm this, so it can be patched for all.


    	<perk name="perkBowWeapons" parent="skillBooks" min_level="0" max_level="2" base_skill_point_cost="1" cost_multiplier_per_level="1" name_key="perkBowWeaponsName" desc_key="perkBowWeaponsDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_archery">
    	<level_requirements level="1"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkCraftWeapons" operation="GTE" value="2" desc_key="reqWeapons2"/></level_requirements>
    	<level_requirements level="1"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkCraftWeapons" operation="GTE" value="3" desc_key="reqWeapons3"/></level_requirements>


    If you look at the part '<level_requirements level="1">', after looking at similar places with multiple levels, i figured that it may just be a typo, but it would seem after changing it to:


    	<perk name="perkBowWeapons" parent="skillBooks" min_level="0" max_level="2" base_skill_point_cost="1" cost_multiplier_per_level="1" name_key="perkBowWeaponsName" desc_key="perkBowWeaponsDesc" icon="ui_game_symbol_archery">
    	<level_requirements level="1"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkCraftWeapons" operation="GTE" value="2" desc_key="reqWeapons2"/></level_requirements>
    	<level_requirements level="[b][color="#FF0000"]2[/color][/b]"><requirement name="ProgressionLevel" progression_name="perkCraftWeapons" operation="GTE" value="3" desc_key="reqWeapons3"/></level_requirements>


    I can finally see the requirements in game and also unlock it with the "Weapon Crafting lvl" 2 and 3 respectively.

    Great work so far, respect for the effort, i hope you add only more and help 7d2d grow better and better.


    Best regards,


  17. sounds complicated, any easier way to do it?


    Sorry, i believe with the parser you already save yourself a good few seconds.

    Considering that you would have to load every single prefab in the game editor and write down the measurements to then add them to the corresponding name and other information like zone, rotation and yoffset from the xml files.

    Long story less complicated, if you want to generate a prefablist from exactly the prefabs used in your 7d2d installation with maybe mods or Overhauls (that add prefabs), then "parsing" the data/prefabs folder and manually editing/commenting out the lines you don't want NITROGEN to use, is the fastest and easiest way.

    The extract, execute parser and comment out lines should not stop you from your endeavors.


    Regarding complicated:


    The zip file now only contains an parser.exe and a parser.py.

    If you use the application, it will save you a lot time manually gathering data.

    Should you have python installed (slightly doubt that though), you can use the script and it will do just the same.

    Just make sure the zip is extracted in the "7 Days To Die\Data" folder and you are good to parse.

    After that, go through the prefablist.txt file and comment out the prefabs you don't want NITROGEN to use.



    Eventually Damocles may get more of the currently advised to comment out prefabs to work too.

    Oh and to comment out, just use "//" at the start of the line, just in case.


    Good luck

  18. Edit:


    I can add more colors to the mask, such as traders and playerspawns.


    The imported maps don't do much with the biomes (apart from putting snow on high elevation, and using an optional border biome). The patches of wasteland and burned forest are part of the terrain gen, the map importer runs parallel to that and does not apply those procedures.

    You would have to paint the precise color in the biomes.png to mark custom biomes in imported aps.


    Sounds great, more options are always welcome.



    Regarding the options available already though...

    Means it's intentionally that only when you use random "genmode", it will generate a border and those optional patches.

    While i can understand that you did it that way it should work either way, since it's optional anyway, like user asks for it .. put it in :p


    To prevent this i would suggest to, based on users choice of "genmode" deactivate the features that you want to withhold and make the user that way aware that it won't happen.


    Also, if the biomes.png is written out either way, just not covering any patches or such why not consider the following idea.

    Make it easier for all users and put a small block with each of the biome colors (small 50x50 block each) in the image to make sure the right colors are used. By setting them in the outer border they would most likely be overwritten later on anyway :)

    Would need a comment in the Gui-bottomarea to make users aware of as well though.

    Not saying that those that draw their biomes.png already can't get it done without, but thinking of newer users ;)

  19. Yeah the effects look cool, though my team was slightly annoyed by the fact that she could not hit anything due to the crazy flames taking over the screen .. well some curious cows did their part as they cause the effect to scale up even more.


    The conjures and forges seem to flicker even more now though. Best way to use them is stop them to add new crafting tasks and then let them continue. Let's hope they get to improve on that in the future.


    By the way, do conjures inherit from the forges that they attract screamers?

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