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  1. After i sniped enough of those zeds that the portal threw at us it stopped, now my cool looking portal is gone... Will that respawn or do i have to have a quest or start anew?
  2. Hey there, i recently got to unlock the "future is now" and used a syringe to gain the "GottaGoFast" bio boost skill. Since you said we could only use either the bio or tech boosts i ended up playing test candidate for my friends to see what happens if i use a syringe of the other "skillTechBoosts". Well, with one point in "GottaGoFast", i used a "AcceleratedHealing" and it told me i now had 1 point in the tech boosts. I checked in the skills to find that the 1 point i previously had in "GottaGoFast" was now red, while "AcceleratedHealing" was active and 1 point representing it's level.
  3. Firstly i would like to ask if they tried to open the console while they were waiting, with our dedicated server we had some issues that certain files were not found and it did not pop a message or open the console, it just let us hang waiting til we eventually had to force-quit the game-client. Even with everything fine, it can still take long for more then one player to get in, would like to know a way to speed that up myself. Though we use a LAN PC as server and not a rented server somewhere off location. Just press F1 as soon as you clicked on join server, if anything is wrong it sh
  4. if you want the guards gone you need to use the server side xml files .. i believe it was "blocks.xml" and "entityclasses.xml" in your client. Just go to KhaineGB repository and save the "blocks.xml" and "entityclasses.xml" from the "dfexperimentalserver/data/config" folder directly over your files in your "7 days to die/data/config" folder. No need to download the entire ~2.6gb servermaster.zip. https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/dfexperimentalserver/ There you go in data/config and load the 2 files. Ask if you have trouble saving them. That way even if you play solo, you won't have all
  5. Two options, server: adjust the serverconfig.xml to reflect: <property name="BloodMoonFrequency" value="1" /> or in case you play solo: go in the registry where the settings are now located and look for: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die" where you find a key named "BloodMoonFrequency_xxxxxxx"(instead of xxxx you will see some random numbers and letters). Change the value to "decimal" 1, that should do the trick. Leave the range option as default and have fun in the night time
  6. The general perks you can buy with points or find from books can become disabled when you have a class that has those perks included. Laborer for example becomes able to craft a forge and iron as well as steel (later as only class even titanium) as it's needed for that class to function. Should you have learned or unlocked the perks beforehand, does that generally mean you wasted a point or book. The class when fully gained (mastery) will give you those perks and most the time higher versions of them again. You may at the start have lost the ability, since you started with the class quest, bu
  7. You can adjust the amount of animals spawned in the settings of your game, server-settings if you run dedicated. 16GB should be more then fine for solo, if you do not run a dedicated and your own game on the same machine. I did do that and ended up having issues so running a dedicated server now on a 8GB older machine and it's better. Also the low fps when near traders makes me guess that you play solo, means you have the guards around the trader, if so, you should normally still be fine, BUT in case you end up having those double entities glitch, i would ask you to check if your trader
  8. Disguised? .. means they come as dogs and turn into the smoking zeds or what now? I encountered the smoking zeds (smoke makes them easy to distinguish oh and they all can puke like police zeds) around horde on "day" 21 as well, but levels can be affected by so much and game-stage as well Regarding the advanced forge, it seems to stop when you open it, before the last patch i believe it was snailing down the game too much and may have been adjusted that way. If you put something in the adv. forge and close it wait a bit and open again it should have molten some already. At least that is ho
  9. If i read that right, you learned the survivalist class, while the bow is in there, the steel crossbow is in the Hunter Class mastery. Means you may need to get another class going. Laborer does not make it impossible, it's just some skills that you could buy will be blocked by classes since they already offer the skills. @KhaineGB: please correct the post above, it's not survivalist but the hunter that get's the steel crossbow
  10. @KhaineGB: I found that the "DFmeleeSpearTitanium" seems to be the odd one out as it says in recipe it's crafted with weldingtorch, though if you try to craft it there you find no "Craft" button, my friend then tried around while i was checking in the xml and we found it works on the normal workbench while <recipe name="DFmeleeSpearTitanium" count="1" tags="learnable"> <ingredient name="DFresourceArrowHeadTitanium" count="2"/> <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="10"/> <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="5"/> </recipe> does not even suggest that eit
  11. you will need to go scavenge the science labs and bunkers specifically added by DF to get the purple papers and when you get 10 you can craft the book. No other way
  12. In regard to the new links and versions, i would also like to add a new version of the parser, for all that are interested: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wfp5I6DqjVZGfSJP9Hq1eZvhFInbvTuC Gonna relink to the new version in the earlier post as well.
  13. @Damocles: First i would like to thank you for bringing me to program a bit again, didn't have a project for a while (also hobby wise), just unless you i do not work in IT mainly. After i wrote that script for the prefabs, i licked blood and kinda got stuck working on more funktions. That said, i finally got something nice together and was wondering if you could help me with the dtm.raw files once more. I bet you are busy, if so, maybe someone else could help me out with the following. I try to understand how/what i write in the raw file along the image data from the heightmap. Aware w
  14. Much appreciated and even if it may go against the idea of using T2/T3 spells as big hitter, in the heat of the battle i most the time find myself using the T1 spells and hope for a proc of the runes, especially if i have to pick zeds from my friends .. While if zeds flock together the T2/T3 make me smile. Still, never underestimate a specialized pimped T1 fireball
  15. Thanks for the fast response, cheers
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