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  1. Hi Ryan, regarding your question, this goes for most overhaul mods, try asking the mods creator (in this case Bdubyah) to make a version of their mod for UL or you can look into making the edit yourself..... going this way, either don't publish it, or ask permission to and always credit the owner 😃
  2. stone00

    DMT Modding Tool

    Hey Hal tried right back to 1.0 same error, hopefully backwards compatible is actually a viable option cause this'll be awesome, I'll be looking forward to next release xD
  3. stone00

    DMT Modding Tool

    hey, just tried to use this on a freash install of 16.4 and noticed you added like a 16 version one in your video, does this actually work with 16? as i just keep getting Running BackupFiles Unhandled Exception: System.NotImplementedException: Instruction is not an i4 opcode at DMT.Extensions.GetValueAsInt(Instruction i) at DMT.Tasks.BackupFiles.GetVersionInfo() at DMT.Tasks.BackupFiles.Patch(PatchData data) at DMT.PatchData.Patch() at DMTViewer.Program.Main(String[] args) process exited with error code -532462766
  4. Hey Manux, i'm wanting to make some vehicles of my own and add them into my private server alone side your's and i'm wondering if there is a possible tutorial i can use to help me do so, or if you could give me some help personally if like said in your mod, there is not enough interest? oh and I'm doing this for A16.4 or if anyone else can help me out I most definitely welcome it.
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