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  1. Hunting rifle needs to change to 4 round capacity. A modern bolt action as pictured in the game generally hold 3 rounds in the internal magazine and one in the chamber. A true single shot would be a break open rifle (unless it was a single shot .22 bolt action which it isn’t) you could change the reload animation, and remove the loading animation from loading a single shell all the time. No magazine mods would still apply. Could get 4 shots off without reloading faster than the pipe rifle, but longer reload than say the marksmen rifle magazine change reload. Pipe rifle can have a modified double barrel shotgun style reload animation for it.
  2. Madmole, In the dev stream, you mentioned bandits will utilize the new clothing/armor system. Once they are killed, do you plan on letting them all be loot-able, as in opening their inventory or having them drop a book bag, and will they’re scaled armors be retrievable (even if it’s fully degraded due to them having been killed while wearing it) or plan to to disappear like a dead zombie? eta: I realize this is not A20 related, but it was mentioned in the stream and it got my wheels turning...
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