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  1. Hunting rifle needs to change to 4 round capacity. A modern bolt action as pictured in the game generally hold 3 rounds in the internal magazine and one in the chamber. A true single shot would be a break open rifle (unless it was a single shot .22 bolt action which it isn’t) you could change the reload animation, and remove the loading animation from loading a single shell all the time. No magazine mods would still apply. Could get 4 shots off without reloading faster than the pipe rifle, but longer reload than say the marksmen rifle magazine change reload. Pipe rifle can have a modif
  2. Madmole, In the dev stream, you mentioned bandits will utilize the new clothing/armor system. Once they are killed, do you plan on letting them all be loot-able, as in opening their inventory or having them drop a book bag, and will they’re scaled armors be retrievable (even if it’s fully degraded due to them having been killed while wearing it) or plan to to disappear like a dead zombie? eta: I realize this is not A20 related, but it was mentioned in the stream and it got my wheels turning...
  3. I thought I read somewhere it was added. Maybe when I skimmed the patch notes? Haven’t come across it in the world yet.
  4. @madmole Can we have the flag pole with American flag be sold at the traders for us to purchase and place at our base? Or make it craftable with paint/dye, cloth, cotton plants and forged iron....
  5. I mean, I missed on the mugs last round. That color change mug would be dope though...
  6. Only if it’s a wood frame, then when hot liquid goes in it “upgrades” to cobblestone.
  7. MM, On Neebs latest podcast, Simon said he talked to your brother, and the guys wanted to get you guys on the podcast for an interview to talk about the Dev side of the game. That would be cool.
  8. Depending on caliber, a semi with a reciprocating slide will have a more manageable recoil than a revolver. But then again Jerry Miculek can shoot 6 rounds reload and shoot 6 more rounds with a revolver in under 3 seconds. Itآ’s all relative. Practice (with what you have) makes perfect!
  9. There are a lot more moving parts in a double action revolver (like the one in the game) than you think. Guppy’s right though, if kept in good condition they’ll never jam. They just may not work. If you find one in a trash bag in the forest though, you might not be as good as you think. But it’s a game, we must suspend belief sometime A lot of things have to happen to ♥♥♥♥ the hammer, unlock the cylinder, move the cylinder, re-lock the cylinder, and trip the hammer all in sequence and all in the correct timing. Start watching Forgotten Weapons YouTube channel for some good info on the m
  10. He said it couldn’t be done. It has been done. Simple as that, take that how you will.
  11. Bing search Mosin Nagant revolver suppressed
  12. I believe the bars are fine as now as is. Less stuff on screen.
  13. There is no over, there is no under. There is only react. -ancient chinese proverb or something.
  14. Thanks. A more blunt way of saying what I said, haha.
  15. Looks great! But.... that looks 10 times more deadly than the tier 3 standard baseball bat. Kinda backwards in my brain.
  16. shhhh! Don't tell everyone fortitude is the most fun build in the game! haha
  17. A request for a19: The inside ramp corner blocks and frames are terribly difficult to see its placement before setting. Can we have some type of other color shade show up on the wedge portion so we can better see it’s orientation?
  18. Yes. Same hospital door and a few random poi doors. Also get very stuck in hatches sometimes.
  19. Ok, so how about a 1 in 500 chance on a glancing blow for Bob Uecker voice to play and say “oooh just a bit outside”
  20. Maybe not every time, but make it super rare like dice does with some of their Easter egg reloads (occasionally on the m1 garand the characters thumb gets stuck in the action when the bolt closes) and make it a 3% chance. Has to be a headshot kill.
  21. Yeah, that how I ended up doing it, but I had already built my foundation for one post per corner. Now one corner looks “different” haha. Just thought they should be able to make a closed loop perimeter. A19 request, if it doesn’t come to fruition then the next base will be built to accommodate the one double fence post
  22. Madmole, I was very excited to find the I-beam block set in the forge and set out to experiment with them, and liked the way it looked. I wanted to build something with them in the future, and noticed they upgraded with concrete. Ran back to base got some concrete and was kind of disappointed that they turned into reinforced concrete (although that in of itself was pretty neat, for future concrete structure building) but could we have them be upgraded with steel first? Iron beam to steel beam to reinforced concrete. I know that it seems backwards in the flow of other block upgrade progressio
  23. I cannot create a perimeter around my base with four electric fence posts. when the last is connected to the first the next line automatically disconnects. So it is more an electric barrier and not a fence. Would like to see them connectable into a loop.
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