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  1. Awesome, thank you so MUCH ExtremeLurker for the updated version, much appreciated! 👍
  2. Yes, responsive is more the word. Haha ok 😄 Anyway, you did make someone else happy, the driving is way more pleasant than the vanilla motorcycle not to mention is the speed that is meh Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Ragsy for the modlets! I personally have a slight preference for the Dirt Bike Style variant as it feels a bit more reactive when cornering that the Racing one. By the way, the Dirt Bike Motorcycle is dead silent because you didn't put the "<property name="VehicleNoise" value="1000,10"/>" like you did for the Racing version. I also increased the value the value as 1000 seems to be rather quite considering the actual noise the motorcyble is doing but that's me.
  4. Ok fine, thanks for the confirmation!
  5. Question regarding Door Lock Smash: I tried to use the modlet in world I already generated prior using the mod. Based on the mod description, I thought that after damaging a locked door so we can see through, I could then open it but what I'm seeing is that I fully need to destroy the door so a new unlocked one appears. Is this expected?
  6. I will try playing with Terrain Quality setting again, could be that I did not decrease the quality enough to see the benefit. Really interesting, I noticed exactly the same so game performance is better after a while but did not mention it as I wasn't sure, I thought I was simply getting used to the stutter. I would be interested to know why it does improve over time, I'm wondering if it's because by moving around, the game will cache some elements and so the stutter would mainly occur when first loading it in memory or something. Anyway, having to play a game for a while befor
  7. I doubt it's going to be of any use here but because I posted this on Steam forums, I thought why not here as well. Here is a summary of my own experience with A19 performance on a beefy computer knowing I had better and more stable frame rate with A18, something seems to be off at the moment with vanilla A19 if you ask me. Mainly tested with experimental build B169 but I noticed no difference with last B173 update from yesterday. Recap of my rig (details in my Steam profile) : Intel Core i9-9900K NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD 32 GB RAM
  8. This tool is amazing, just wanted to say thanks Damocles and keep up the great work!
  9. Thanks, you answered to my question and thanks again for the great tool!
  10. This tool is dope, thanks! Sorry it was asked already but default settings within the tool for a given seed would result in the same map as it would if generated from the game directly?
  11. Yep, I think so as the skins are also gone for me and I remember seeing sphereii saying the same. EDIT: well, I forgot to update the assets file again but know my game is crashing so I did break something else. I will run some repair tomorrow.
  12. Awesome work, thanks! Keep up the good work. I can't wait for new skins, specially the soldier.
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