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  1. I am having trouble getting chickens and pigs for the farm. Do i need to harvest them using a specific tool for a chance of male/female? Do i need to kill them with a specific weapon? I tried looking at similar mods but they are unclear on instructions. Also, twine. So far i can find pieces of it rarely in trash. Where does it normally spawn from? You need 30-40 of it just to craft a single car, and it's used for armor crafting, repair. So uncommon that it should be used as trading currency, too bad traders don't pay much for it.
  2. Is there a better way to get Coal and Nitrate than breaking surface rocks and burnt trees? Why are Feral zeds so overpowered? They run around spike traps, 1-2 hit kill you, spawn in almost every single POI. Any good way to deal with them that does not involve a full magazine of AK or mp5?
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