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  1. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    Not sure if this is possible but how about an infected or half undead class? - Can only eat rotting flesh - murky water doesn't cause dysentery - Never gets a wellness bonus - Damage to body/limbs reduced by 1/2, damage to head x2 damage - Infected animals won't attack unless player attacks - Constantly smells - Undead strength does x3 melee damage - Extra stamina - Reduced run speed Something along those lines.
  2. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    Yeah, I had to mod the leveling rate to be 3x slower. Only died once by a poorly thrown Molotov cocktail.
  3. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    Can this be played single player? Also I'm on 15.6 experimental - is that compatible?
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