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  1. I'm aware - I think the quest has changed. You no longer get a HRifle to do the 5 kills so you can kill them with and weapon. So I was having fun until the 8-foot zombie chick that one hit kills me shows up, seriously what is the purpose of her appearing early on when the player as not even a small chance of surviving?
  2. But for quest 5's kill 5 animals doesn't it require me to kill them with the rifle?
  3. I'm on hunter quest #5 (hides, meat, and 5 animal kills) and I didn't get any of the items from starting the quest (Quest 5 - Hunting Rifle, 75 7.62mm Bullets, Hunting Knife Perk, Better Lead Than Dead Perk).
  4. Lasers now!? Heh, I don't even use regular guns.
  5. Ha! No it's not that, just don't want to start over twice.
  6. Tempted but I think I'll off for the official release.
  7. When were the videos done? The game is now 1.75 and they might be playing on earlier versions.
  8. I should get to titanium tonight, I'll test it out. Do you have a titanium tool? Might need that. Also it a class skill so you must be of construction class class. Grants the following: Quest 1 - White t-shirt, brown denim pants, worn boots, mining helmet. Quest 2 - 2 boiled water, 2 beef rations, Scrap Iron Tool Perk. Quest 3 - 2 first aid bandage. Quest 4 - Forge Perk. Quest 5 - Nailgun. Quest 6 - Nailgun recipe. Class mastery: Gaining the Construction Mastery perk grants the following: Titanium frame recipes for building bases. Titanium bar recipes (normal and centred). Titanium clawhammer (only way to upgrade to Titanium).
  9. Oh also, what is the best way to find oil shale?
  10. Still having fun with my current game and the anticipation will just make 1.8 version all the sweeter.
  11. Any chance of 1.8 hitting this weekend, I need a reason to restart.
  12. Back in the early days zombies could attack upwards so having blocks on the edges of the roof did not help much and they could tear a house apart at night. There were a few times I had the house collapse underneath me from all the destruction they were doing to it. Slowly over the years its been getting easier and easier - zeds are tame compared to the old days.
  13. Kind of curious how people play. I've played up to horde night on warrior in the 40's with out using hardly any guns (do have a blunderbuss for random dog hordes). Are you playing with large numbers of hordes? Honestly I do wish the regular mobs would get more challenging after each horde stage to keep the game more challenging. I don't run with a huge number of horde night zeds simply because it doesn't increase the danger but I have to spend 2 days fixing all the holes in the ground the exploding mobs create (which gets boring after a while).
  14. Drool Also, you can't make gas out of gas barrels at the chem station.
  15. Advanced forge can't make clay bowls again
  16. Yeah I wasn't a fan at first but now I really like it and the game feels much more immersive when I have to listen for the crickets and watch the sun to determine how much time I have before RTB.
  17. I planted one by a hole in the dirt that I filled with water and it seems stuck at almost fully grown.
  18. Heh, thats what i have. Been having issues with overclocking but I think its with the gskills mem I have.
  19. Yeah, I know what the issue is - did something wrong when I overclocked after bios update. Rolled back the overclock and everything runs fine, sorry for wasting your time.
  20. Crash report: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02033438274872065675
  21. Just a long shot but turning off shadows and turning on antialiasing option (forget what it called exactly) fixed it for me.
  22. Getting crashes with 1.7.2 - had no issues with 1.7.1 or earlier versions. Possibly on my end, if no one else has issues with CTD.
  23. Are sewing kits sold by traders?
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