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    True Survival

    Ah, no worries - not interested in MP.
  2. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    This is server only for now, correct?
  3. Erik Louden

    True Survival

    "Added Flashlight & Vibrator"
  4. "Up to half of the world's population is infected by toxoplasmosis, but have no symptoms." And then it mutates to the Zvirus
  5. Trying to get 16.2, would it be: download_depot 251570 251578 7471919719367957705 ?
  6. So survived my first night with a new game, one bug I saw was shooting a wasp with an arrow and when it hit it it turned the arrow into a 300 foot arrow which was very freaky having a wasp fly at you with a 300 foot arrow in it. This is after I killed the wasp.
  7. Hah, spawned in the wastelands and was dead in 45 seconds, very DF.
  8. Awesome can't wait to check it out!
  9. So playing A17e for quite a number of hours I find that I really miss leveling on use. I also like the rpg system of A17e too so I'm wondering if they can be combined. My thought is that levels of a skill are also progression gates for leveling the skill. So if mining level 1 adds 10% to the amount of resources collected instead of automatically jumping to 10% for mining it allows you to progress to 10% in mining, as you mine you level up to the 10% gate that Mining level 1 allows. I also think there should be a little bonus for reaching the max gate from each level. So if there are 5 levels for a total of +50% resources, you would get a small bonus at 10,20,30,40 and a special bonus at 50. Level and/or Master attribute gates still apply. This could be applied to almost, if not all, the skills (gun,tools, armor,etc) Thoughts?
  10. So in debug only. "It MAY get disabled so it works normally. " Not sure what this means.
  11. Ah, well that sucks. Looked kinda cool.
  12. Awesome! Are you going to re-enable the target bar (shown in early MM vids)? If not, would you be kind enough to tell me how to?
  13. Better than death in EQ1 where you could lose hours of XP grinding and levels on death. "or have a buff that stops you gaining XP until X amount of time." I prefer the lose XP if that option is possible, if not, can you stop just a certain percentage of gain? I wouldn't want to zero out all XP gain.
  14. KhaineGB, Another question, is it possible to add XP debt for dying? So if you die you get a percentage of debt that needs to be paid off before you can level again (Everquest 2 has this). I want dying to hurt both physically (vanilla Q17 has this) and XP wise.
  15. KhaineGB, Will your A17 mod increase the number of walkers that are outside of buildings?
  16. Started a new game and spawn inside a town, so that's new.
  17. Well if you can make the bodies stay for days then that is ok. Just can't stand things poofing in front of me of if I go around the corner after killing a zed then go right back and their poofed.
  18. @KhaineGB Will you be able to make dead zombies stay around and not go poof in a few seconds?
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