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  1. Crongratulations dude, that interface is some sexy looking - interface... well done keepup the kewl work, lovein it. Just gonna gen a 12K map and looking forward to testing it been a few months..
  2. Silly question time. how can i use the following image with nitrogen ? https://i.imgur.com/u3Z3UR0.png Thanks
  3. None because its just the default keyboard layout. I do not quite understand what people find so difficult about having "no middle mouse button" No middle mouse button means exactly that no button period!. And That would also mean "NO" scroll wheel. And why nobody commented on my link to the mouse i currently have see link below https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-USB-Optical-3-Button-Mouse-No-scroll-wheel-DY651A/182294869080?hash=item2a719ef458:g:Tg0AAOSw8gVX6pcn When i start running i am pressing the Left Shift & The W key and after about 10 seconds of running i just suddenly stop running and then the item in the toolbelt changes all buy it self, So i have no idea what's going on for this to happen every time i attempt to run?. I now at the point where i am NOT playing the game any more which is not exactly how i want to leave this game in this way.
  4. I mean exatly that " A Mouse With No Middle Button " Whats so strange about that... Don't judge me bcause i like a mouse with no middle mouse button or any other buttons apart from left & right mouse buttons, Shhhesh. And like i said allready no custom binds, i doubt it windows But i do find it difficult to understand, So do eveybody eles. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-USB-Optical-3-Button-Mouse-No-scroll-wheel-DY651A/182294869080?hash=item2a719ef458:g:Tg0AAOSw8gVX6pcn
  5. Yes i ment toolbelt, No middle mouse button!, So thats NOT the issue & no custom binds. No controller at all never use one on the PC. This is a clean install of the OS & steam / game as well. Its so frustraighting.
  6. So if i start to run any where i end up just stopping and the inventroy item changes to another after i am stopped running if this make any sence to anybody would love to fix this a.s.a.p. Thanks Inadvance.
  7. @ KhaineGB Check your PM's if you see this first.
  8. @ KhaineGB OK m8 totaly understand. I need a replacement trader because the block he was stood on was removed after i moved him to new location and now when i re-join SP the trader is no longer there?. Kinda messed that up also happend with a couple ok guards on the wall are now fallen down and are out side the main compound... lolz OK so i guess i will have to restart once again and be more careful this time...
  9. In regards to my last post about the trader guards i have another question. Is it possible to have more guards ? Like can i add guards to my personal base ? Thanks!
  10. Well that was a painless download, unlike the previous mod i had to mess around something rotten on git - Anyway Thank You!
  11. Why didn't you make this a little more easy to download ? pure madness having to scroll down or up and haing to copy paste and save as .xml files. Also i am going to have to make a copy of 7D2D and then replace all the files into "Config" And overwright everything?. Thanks Anyway.
  12. Going to test this mod later, will report back at a later date. Thank You!
  13. Gonna test a few of your mods will report back at a later date. Thank You!
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