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  1. Crongratulations dude, that interface is some sexy looking - interface... well done keepup the kewl work, lovein it. Just gonna gen a 12K map and looking forward to testing it been a few months..
  2. Silly question time. how can i use the following image with nitrogen ? https://i.imgur.com/u3Z3UR0.png Thanks
  3. Great job with the mod - Lovein it...
  4. @ KhaineGB Check your PM's if you see this first.
  5. @ KhaineGB OK m8 totaly understand. I need a replacement trader because the block he was stood on was removed after i moved him to new location and now when i re-join SP the trader is no longer there?. Kinda messed that up also happend with a couple ok guards on the wall are now fallen down and are out side the main compound... lolz OK so i guess i will have to restart once again and be more careful this time...
  6. In regards to my last post about the trader guards i have another question. Is it possible to have more guards ? Like can i add guards to my personal base ? Thanks!
  7. Why didn't you make this a little more easy to download ? pure madness having to scroll down or up and haing to copy paste and save as .xml files. Also i am going to have to make a copy of 7D2D and then replace all the files into "Config" And overwright everything?. Thanks Anyway.
  8. Gonna test a few of your mods will report back at a later date. Thank You!
  9. Hello People, Silly Question Time... The guards on the traders walls in the traders compound is it possible to have them in the stock 7D2D ? would love to be able to add them to my current base i am working on. Thanks Inadvance.
  10. Thank You Both.. Will go forth and find the effing things...lolz
  11. Not sure if this has been asked before or not but.... Is it possible for Nitrogen to create tunnel and cave systems ? Would be very interesting if this is possible or not.
  12. I have a mission to kill 5 chickens with a nail gun! So my question is where are the bloody chickens ? Been roaming around now for a few day and not seen one...
  13. Hi, Damo Couple Of Suggestions For You Sir. No1. Would it be possible to add save profile for maps generated ? No2. Would it also be possible to "Preview Map" With in the program it self ? Thank For Your Time And Effort.
  14. Yes i did get round to "Pre Sync Mod" after i made that post above that is.. So something else strange went on the game loaded and stuck at a black screen ? yeah i know right... So after a nice cuppa coffee i went to the directory where the mod and game files were cloned too and i ran the game direct from that folder and its been working ever since... no need for the 7D2D mod manager.. atm Thank for all your help people - Thank You!
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