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  1. v0.69 Hotfix Patch

    This Hotfix Patch for v0.69 resolves an issue with RH/Dedicated Servers where your Spellcast could disappear while channeling Secondary.


    - Spells now shoot through bars and similar objects

    - Spells and Spellcasts no longer shift-click into the fuel slot of the Conjure



    ** Special thanks to @ZombieJesus for discovering and reporting this anomaly


    Thanks for fixing it. The mod is badass.

  2. Alrighty guys, to clarify:


    This issue is happening specifically on dedicated servers, while using Ravenhearst + Sorcery, and only when the Charge ability of Spellcasts has been unlocked (channeling secondary/right mouse click)? Can you further narrow down the level of Spellcast Mastery and <Element> Spellcast this is occurring with?


    ZJ, could I could get access to your server with privileges to reproduce this?



    Sure, I'll PM you, and I'll add you as admin if I can get your steam ID. You can use creative mode but if you need to level up or whatever I don't know how to do that unless there are admin commands you can do to level up, in which case go nuts.

  3. How could this work ? Ravenhearst comes with a custom Localization.txt ! Is it realy working if this will be replaced !?


    The original post of this thread gives instructions on how to do this, my leonine friend. Open the Sorcery mod folder, find Localization.txt, copy all text in that file to the clipboard. Find Ravenhearst's Localization.txt, go to the bottom, paste it all in at the end, save and close. It does work.

  4. Hi, this sounds like an isolated incident that you're having.

    Is it possible you're accidentally dropping the Spellcast by pressing "G"/drop key? (I've done this in the past many times).

    If not, are you using any other Mods than Ravenhearst and Sorcery?

    I've tried everything, including uninstalling/reinstalling both mods and cannot reproduce the issue you're reporting.


    Regarding the Spells "exploding"/disappearing on drop, this is 100% intentional. Spells are programmed to explode on impact/drop to prevent retrieval, in some cases. If you want to share spells with friends, place them within a container.


    I'm happy to continue trying to help you, but currently, you're the only one reporting this issue and I cannot reproduce it with the information you've provided.


    Agreed. I don't see anyone else with this issue in the thread. Here is how I can reliably reproduce the issue, as near as I can tell:

    1. Begin charging the secondary. While I do this I fuss around with shooting the primary fire. I don't know if this is relevant but it's what I do to reproduce the bug, which I can do at will with a little fussing around.

    2. Get hit. This seems to be an important part of the recipe. It seems to be necessary to get hit while charging the secondary, while charging the primary (while also charging the secondary), something like that.

    3. Begin charging the secondary again, then stop after a short time. Just like that, the item disappears. I was able to reliably do this time after time with cheated firespellcasts on my server.


    Once the issue triggers I can do it at will over and over just by trying the secondary.


    Here are the mods I have installed on the server:

    1. Ravenhearst, newest as of today.

    2. Alloc's server fixes, newest as of today.

    3. Sorcery, newest as of today.


    Here are the mods I have installed on my client:

    1. Ravenhearst, newest as of today.

    2. Sorcery, newest as of today.

    (For the client I'm using the manager.)


    I have tried reinstalling the entire client and redownloading everything. Issue persists. I just redid the entire SERVER from scratch, redownloading and installing all the mods on the server again, leaving the map intact but scrubbing everything else. I can still reproduce this.


    It's noteworthy that I couldn't reproduce this with some lackadaisical cheating in singleplayer on a new map, but then again, on a new profile you don't have access to the secondary so you can't charge it, which is how I can trigger this bug. I wouldn't be surprised if it were multiplayer only but I can't explain why it would be.


    That's all I know. Please disregard my report that spells disappearing when you drop them, makes me cranky. If it's intended I'll let it be.

    But believe it or not, this issue is making the mod unplayable for me. Because sooner or later I'll trigger the magic conditions and lose the expensive firespellcast item. It has never not happened with any spellcast item I found or crafted. :|


    This is a serious bug report from me and I'm sorry I can't be more specific. I am not doing any weird steps (that I'm aware of) that would make this bug exist on only my system. My install is Ravenhearst and Sorcery.

  5. Hello! OK, it's working. Great :)

    I seem to have a bug report. I am running newest Ravenhearst with newest Sorcery (I updated it about 10 minutes ago, but it is still version 0.69.)


    If I use the right-click button with a spellcast item equipped... the spellcast disappears permanently and instantly. It instantly vanishes and if I want another one I have to craft another one and it takes 4 minutes.


    It's possible that to trigger this bug you have to be holding right-click (altfire/zoom in my config) and then click left-click (fire). It appears right-clicking is all I have to do, but to be honest, it is really hard to test this bug without cheating because the item takes 4 minutes to craft and vanishes in an instant if you click the wrong button.


    If you want any other info, like what skills I have picked, just ask.


    Update: I have tried carefully holding down the right click, causing a charging animation (I don't know what it actually is, just gingerly testing the thing). That doesn't wreck it. Regular firing it, also fine.


    What breaks it is holding down the right mouse for a short time, maybe not long enough to trigger the charging animation, then also pressing left click and canceling that charge pretty fast. You'll go from fire spellcast to empty hands in two clicks. It just disappears.


    Another edit: Also, I dropped some fire spell items and they just fell through the ground and vanished.

    Gonna stop using this mod now I think.

  6. Hello! OK, so I'm not sure if I am an idiot or what. I read the thread. Tried to find documentation... the mod's documentation appears to be this thread?


    I have Ravenhearst 5.1 a17.2 and Sorcery installed. I am doing the intro quest. I've built a fire conjure. It tells me I can't build a fire spell because I don't know the recipe. The tooltip tells me I will have to know the recipe.


    So. How do I learn the recipe? Is it an item I have to loot... somewhere? How can I get it?


    EDIT: OK, there's a skill called fire spellcast and you have to actually buy it. You have to also buy Fire Spell? Anyway, I would like to edit this post as I figure out how this mod works, don't mind me.

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