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  1. It does not work 😞 At the start of the server (Ubuntu 18.04) there is a lot of The class <Execute>BLA could not be loaded, used in LiteDB Inside of the game, i do pd add <mySteamID> and it answer unknown command I add my Steam ID in the serveradmin file everything else like settime or debugmenu works EAC is disabled I try with A19.6 and A17.4 Alpha 19.6 stops at the start with Aborted (core dumped) it stops also without mod My server has 2 Xenon CPU and 20GB RAM
  2. I read the entire section before opening this topic. There is a lot of: automatic server restart, permission level, land claim and so on I also read the documentation from the website. Also a lot of options, know from the serverconfig.xml, but nothing about permadeath. There is also no real example to seting up, just extract and copy. What i also miss was the answer to the question about the server status. Would it stay "vanilla"? Maybe someone can PM me a example to just setting up permadeath and nothing else. All other settings would be from the serverconfig file. Thx
  3. Hello I like to host my own community server, but we love to play with perma death. If someone die, the game goes on, but without the "dead people". I was looking for a mod, that will erase all player data, so the "dead one" can re-join in the actual game and start by 0. There was a mod, but the link is not working anymore. Is there any simple mod / script that would activate permadeath? nothing more. Or is there a chance, that this option will be in A20? Thanks for reply Greets
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