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  1. The only thing i need to know about 7 Days and Console is: Imagine: let's say in 2 years, there will be a team that will port the game to console maybe it will be A20. will the console get an update to the same version or will they have to buy the game again?
  2. No, it does not work it is a dedicated server; no userinterface, no mouse, no drop down menu. just a simple command line, access over ssh is it not possible to just write me: enter "what is needed" in the command line? does it maybee look like force_install_dir ./7days app_update 294420 -beta alpha17.4
  3. so, this it is we have some problems to install the game for our needs and all i get is - a moved thread - a closed thread - and a deleted thread but no answer to the question Nice! thank you all a lot
  4. Someone moved my thread to the general question section even it is about multiplayer and dedicated server and now it got lost so, here we go again how do i install a older build like A17.4 on a dedicated server? Before asking, Ubuntu 18.04 and please, do not move the thread again
  5. Please, read before posting it's about dedicated server
  6. Hello I have search in the forum and all i find is how to setup the actual and the experimental build on a dedicated server. Can anyone please tell me how to setup a older build like A17.4? Thanks and have a nice Weekend
  7. About the FPS - Drop's: I figuret out that it occurs if i let the 3th Forge melting/producing something. If there are only 2 Forge's in use there is no problem and anything works fine. If i start the 3th Forge then the FPS goes down to 5. The Forge's are melting and producing but it does not matter. I testet all; only melting, only producing 1 melting 2 producing and so on. Maybe it helps to find a solution
  8. @data I think you dont understand this right. Go into the Game and look your self maked, cooked Food
  9. Boilde (cooked) Water has a chance for Dysentery? I learn to cook with the Master Chef Perk and get Food Poisoning? Nope, this is not a balance of the Food System. Everyone knows, that a Food Can that gets over the expiration Date has a chance for Food Poisoning. The only thing you now have to farm is the Goldenrod to cure yourself? That must be a mistake
  10. Alpha 18 looks good. Alpha 18 feels great. But.... Boiled Water has a chance for Dysentery by 3%. Cocked Food has Food Poisoning between 4 an 13 %. Food Can do not have Food Poisoning. WHAT?!? Why should i make a garden with Plants? Why should i go to hunt Animals anymore? Just wait for a Airdrop and feel lucky. Please tell me that this is a mistake and wil be fixed. Please
  11. edigoon


    i do a tour in creative mode to test everything. i see does perk's and level them up, in this case all of Intelect to max, Archery, Dead Eye and The Penetrator but i can't craft any lvl6 Bow How to craft lvl6 weapon and tools? Edit: i also use Shematic's and there is no lvl6 item
  12. i wonder about the need of a streamer weekend. Joel already does it
  13. Yes, i know, it is a little bit outdated, but: i play 7DTD on my Core 2 PC with 8 GB RAM. Some Lag's that i can handle, no worry. i play DOOM (2016) on my Nintendo Switch, running verry good. And now the great shock: i buy the Nintendo Switch because my PC can't run DOOM (2016), no chance and for that money needed for a new PC i get 2 Nintendo Switch'es So, if Doom is running on the Switch, but not on my PC, and 7DTD run on my PC, it would run on a Nintendo Switch The only question is: Will there be a portation on that console or do i have to crack my Switch?
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