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  1. Yep was also infected several times + a list of injuries and illnesses at once....more than once 😉🙃
  2. Stone tools and weapons shouldn't be in Safes with 5000 hit points or even in loot boxes. The right place for them would be every where else....in trash, cabinets, cars. Edit: The only exception would be if the stone tools and weapons were fossils from stone age that you could sell at the Trader for 5000 tokens.
  3. Actually you make screenshots with F12. Since you used F9 this is most likely the reason why you are not able to find them. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\19964459\760\remote\251570\screenshots Best regards
  4. In this context "Modifizieren" is more fitting than any other translation. You can leave "Verändern" 100% Google Translation...this is not translated by a German speaking person.. Edit: It took me 2 seconds to make the change...shouldn't be a big deal for the Devs.
  5. First i want to say thank you for the German translation !!! I just started playing A19 and i noticed when i open the inv. that the translation for Modify is Verändern this is not the correct translation or at least not the best choice for translating Modify into German. We have nice word in Germany called Modifizieren which has exsactly the same meaning as the english word Modify. Modifizieren = Modify Verändern = Change (something) I would appreciate if you could fix this. Screenshot is atteched below. Thanks once again Best regards
  6. Let's jump directly to day 30-40 you have in meanwhile everything...you have 4 full chest with raw meat, vegetables, cooked food, water and tea's. So you actually done you don't need to go out hunt you even don't need to harvest your vegetables anymore...you have so much of everything that is enough until you start a new game. Suggestion: Rotting Food/ Food Poisoning: The idea is that the food starts to rott. Example: All food starts slowly to rott let's say after 14 - 21 days you get now food poisoning. On day 30 food has become (usless) or could be used for farm plots. In a food system like this food poisoning would make sense. This would prevent you from food hoarding and force you to stay busy. RandomZombie Health: Imagine Zombie are a while in the world and the had fights with humans, bears, dogs other zombies and so on...wouldn't it make sense to spawn zombies with random health let's say something between 30% and 100% health. Now when you encouter zombies you might kill a hard zombie that spawned with 30% health with 1 or 2 strikes...that would be very exicting...this would add some variety to the game. Thanks for reading Best regards
  7. When you open a safe successfully, it says in the lower right corner -1 lockpicks. Conclusion lockpick has broken. This makes no sense. When safe was opened it's obvious that the lockpick has not broken. So why taking players a lockpick for opening a safe? This need to be fixed. Best regards
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