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  1. I can confirm that your Finding Bikes in Dumpster still works. I checked the XMLs and all seems to be just fine and found one in game so it seems to work.
  2. Oh wow Jax. I hadn't been around the forums for a bit so I just noticed this but I just came to tell ya that I'm pullin' for ya. Good to see you're doing better. Gotta take care of yourself Boss.
  3. I made a personal mod that uses cloth for arrows. Turns out to be a good thing with the decreased feathers in 18.
  4. Great work in bringing Action Skills back...I missed them. Couple questions though: EDIT----TL/DR: So I guess I answered pretty much all of my questions after playing around in the XMLs and really looking at the tree. My bad for the confusion. 1. The only items i've seen upgraded are Mining Tools and Blunt Weapons. I mean...I use those a lot...but I haven't seen Archery go up at all...and I use it almost every single time I fight a Z. Usually hit them with the bow and then finish them with a club. I looked in the XML (I have very limited experience in this) and saw that it was onSelfAttackedOther is when it triggered (as well as onSelfKilledOther---I get that) so does this mean that misses as well as hits trigger or only hits (if I'm mistaken...forgive)? Edit to #1 (kept it there for clarity): Ok...I see the progression numbers for each tool/weapon and I think I understand why I may not have seen any movement on Archery. Seems I only get 6 XP for a hit with a primitive bow whereas I get 10 with a wood club. My OP here but I think I'll adjust some numbers here to have them more balanced. Not asking you to or anything like that because you all did the heavy lifting in making this and us folks can tweak what we like. 2. I looked at the Action Skill Tree and I thought you're weren't supposed to be able to upgrade individual lines by using a skill point. Because I can upgrade Blades, Archery, Guns...like everything EXCEPT: Mining Tools and Blunt. I accidentally added a skill point to Archery because I'm the kinda person who pushes buttons just to see what happens. Tooltips come on for that and everything except Mining and Blunt. Edit to #2: (kept again for clarity) Looked again the the tree. Found out that you CAN purchase the first level in the Action Skills but everything else is locked. Great work though...really appreciate you guys updating this mod.
  5. I get the arguments of "it just doesn't feel right" because that's what it feels like to me. Ya, ya, facts don't care about feelings and you still get the same amount this new way...agreed. However...I really liked the risk/reward aspect of getting iron chunks and losing scrap when scrapping v. smelting. And yes...you can't really use anything from a chunk realistically so scrapping shouldn't even be a thing...I get that too. But I think that pretty much all of the base components we use: wood, iron, lead, brass, rocks...whatever...should have to be refined to make what you need when it comes to complex recipes. And...if you choose to refine them in a backpack...then you get less that if you'd done it in a preferred method (in fact, I always thought you should only get 2 iron from a chunk instead of 3 and let's not talk about using multiples to shoot that number above 3---like how 7 chunks would get you 24 scrap), but this method should still be used to enable crafting of more simpler items. Meh...that's just me...seems logical that if something has been refined already (iron shelves) and you break those down...you should get the already refined material (scrap iron) and it should be a 1:1 smelt. Again...that's just me. I'll take whatever the game gives me but as some have said...it "feels" like something is being taken away even though that's not what's happening. I'm just a voice in The Void though.
  6. For those wanting more Zs, you could do the quick edit directly in the XML....or....you could use a mod from HERE. Look for two distinct mods: Increased Wilderness Z and Larger Hordes.
  7. I don't use 16k maps but I can definitely vouch for Nitrogen. Great tool to make the terrain and biomes the way you'd like with as many/little POIs as well as the type (Comp pack and POIs from mods like Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls). And it only takes a couple of minutes to generate a map although I only make 8k maps. 16 will take a bit more but nothing like the RWG in game.
  8. Mine took about 17 minutes and my FPS has, so far, been better than A17...even with shadows on. Some rigs are just different.
  9. Has a prefab list been generated with WoTW POIs yet?
  10. Might be a bug in the Mechanic progression but it might just be me. I thought that when you finish the Mechanic line (not Mastery) that you're supposed to be granted the recipe for Bicycles. Am I correct on that? I finished it up but Bicycles (even the handlebars and frame) weren't allowed to be made. It's not a huge issue but I was wondering if anything changed or I'm just clueless, lol. Thanks boss.
  11. Kk...thanks boss. DLing now.
  12. Just a little clarification: is there a difference between the Experimental and the Stable versions? Like...do I NEED the stable to get all of what's in the patch notes or are those ALSO in the Experimental? I mean...it's no issue for me as I can roll the stable but just wondering.
  13. Quick question...has something changed with <set> and/or <append>? I've been using the following: <append xpath="recipes/recipe[@name='foodBaconAndEggs']"> <ingredient name="resourceAnimalFat" count="1"/> </append> <set xpath="recipes/recipe[@name='foodBoiledMeat']"> <ingredient name="foodRawMeat" count="2"/> </set> to add Fat to Bacon and Eggs and lower the Meat content in Boiled Meat to 2 instead of 5. However...I went to craft some Boiled Meat and noticed that the recipe in game is now ONLY: 2 Raw Meat and NO Jar of Water Also...the Fat ADDED to what was already in the original recipe (was 1 and then 2 with my edits)...that I can understand. I did an experiment and changed the APPEND in Bacon and Eggs to SET (no other change) and in game I get that Bacon and Eggs only requires Fat AND NOTHING ELSE...here's what I did: <set xpath="recipes/recipe[@name='foodBaconAndEggs']"> <ingredient name="resourceAnimalFat" count="1"/> </set> The top code I've been using for quite a while with no issues. As I understand...SET is used when you want to CHANGE a value and APPEND is used when you want to ADD something. But it seems that SET is ONLY using what it's given and removing everything else. Again...I can understand APPEND adding (from 1 to 2 if the original recipe had 1) so that's not really too much of an issue but this is the first time I've had this happen and I'm confused.
  14. I'm seeing books with quality levels on them and they are able to be modified. How does that work? I thought maybe I could modify 2 books that were the same with each other but that didn't work. I know I'm just missing something somewhere.
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