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  1. I found out I can apparently make oil shale? I think it's just from a mod and think it might be from this one? What tool does it take? Mortar, oven, cement mixer, chemistry station, none of these are letting me do it. Trying to make it out of coal
  2. Did you follow all the steps? Build a generator or battery bank, fuel it with fuel, use a wire tool to connect a wire from the generator to the light, and then turn on the generator? - - - Updated - - - I have a question as well Is there a good source for the difference between experimental build and what it has versus stable?
  3. In theory. It's also cause i'm playing darkness falls at the same time and saving up for the master skills, but I know I have no self control and will dump them in lightning and meteor storm lol.
  4. Cool. How do you tell what your gamestage is?
  5. *playful sarcasm tone* Yes that is super important and you need to get right on that IMMEDIATELY. I know you aren't working on anything super big or important right now and reworking/adding to the spell system or anything like that. In all seriousness great job love the mod even if it does seem to make it quite a bit easier.
  6. What are behemoth zombies? Do they only show up at much higher day range or something?
  7. oh neat! How do i tell if a tree is fully grown? It has the full 900 health just like it does in the wild
  8. Super excited for tier 3 fire spell fire is my favorite so far! I was wondering something. I noticed if I chop down oak trees i get fire essence but if I chop down oak trees i planted i don't. Is this normal? I thought maybe it was to help prevent easy fire essence farming but thought maybe it might be a bug.
  9. Is there some type of source to figuring out how to get the mod custom tools and what not? I can't figure out what skill gives steel wrench or how to make a sewing kit or a welding torch and things of that nature.
  10. is there a way to tell why I can't read a recipe or book? Is it usually level based?
  11. Finally got experimental build up and running but still having the same problem that led to me finding out I wasn't using the most recent one. I'm also running the sorcery mod and even with points in the skills, sorcery armor equipped, and a spell cast equiped my stamina never goes past 100 to account for the "spirit" portion. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
  12. Finally got experimental downloaded and working. Have 5 ranks in sorcery and a fire spell cast and sorcery armor equiped. Still only at 100 stamina no matter what i do. On both the bar and the character page. Should I ask in darkness falls instead/as well not sure where the issue is. Really appreciate the help and responses though! awesome mod as always.
  13. Windows 10 I installed from a copy. Also my instal got halted because it froze then i tried to continue when i reopened mod launcher. So i just deleted it all and am trying to install from steam instead. Edit: install form a copy as in copy from an exisiting copy
  14. Been loving this mod but just found out I should be trying experimental version instead of the other. I went to try to download it and it says failed to load mono when i try to load it. I also am getting an error message when trying to add mod saying error reading modlet data modlets unavailable. I also see this in the mod launcher window Checking for SDX... No Scripts or Patches found. Not running SDX. Launching \7DaysToDie.exe -logfile 7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt -configfile=\SaveConfig.xml Game Started but it won't start.
  15. Oh I didn't realize i'm supposed to be using experimental. I use just darkness falls. What is experimental?
  16. Even when weilding a spellcase my spirit doesn't go above 100. I thought I remember something on the darkness falls page saying they do not go above 100 with the UI or something like that. Is the spirit just invisible? In sorcery mod I start at say 210 and start running and it goes down from there. In darkness falls with sorcery I always have 100 even with a spellcast and it goes down from 100 immediately. I tried to take a screen shot but it was so poor quality you can't see the stamina anyway lol
  17. Is there a way to get the sorcery gear to give me spirit in the darkness falls mod?
  18. I notice on the front page for this update it says see notes for an explination of a few things. Where are the notes? I'm probably just blind but can't seem to find them and am excited to see what all changed.
  19. does anyone have a screen shot of what this looks like? what kind of flowers? Is it cosmetic flowers or liie goldenrod/chrysanthemum flowers
  20. I have 100 forged titanium in my inventory i'm trying to upgrade a titanium frame and it won't let me it says i need titanium in my inventory. I already have the skill unlocked. How can I upgrade frames? Edit: Nevermind needed a titanium hammer
  21. Titanium So I just randomly dig down to bedrock and hope i get lucky? lol preferably near flowers. Does biome matter? Only wasteland or any? I ended up starting a game in a map with little to no wasteland lol
  22. Titanium Does it still do that thing where if you dig the white spot above ground it gives 1 titanium and you just have to dig down? If not how do you find it?
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