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  1. Hey Guppycur. Since the B18 Update i had a lot of Errors, when starting my Server... So I tried SDX Mod after SDX Mod after Validate my Server and then had no Errors. After install Vehicle Madness again i getting these Errors again. 1. MissingFieldExpection: Field 'LiteNetLib.NetManager.MergeEneabled' not found. 2. The referenced script (DelayedLightIgnition) on this Brhaiviour is missing! 3. The referenced script on this Behaiviour (Game Object 'NVGLight') is missing! 4. A script behaiviour (probably DelayedLightIgnition?) has a different serialization layout when loading. (Read 32 Bytes but expected 36 bytes) Did you #ifdef UNITY_EDITOR a section of your serialized properties in any of your scripts? 5. ArgumentExpection: Arg_InsufficientSpace Parameter name: chars 6. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object 7. The file 'C:/Server/7DaystoDie/7DaystoDieServer_Data/resources.assets' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! [Position out of bounds!] 8. NullReferenceExpection: Object reference not set to an instance of an Object Do you know why?
  2. Thanks Somehow in may case it does not work. I can kill the normal Cows but then not harvest them. The corpse does not get hit with any weapon or tool. Like the Zombie Cow i wich i cant even kill cause i cant even hit her.
  3. HI I have a question about Bloom's Animal Husbandry.... I Installed the mod cause it was needed for the NPC Mod. Now i have the animals in the F6 spawn Menu... i was interessted what that may be or do... Spawned the cows, but the only thing i can to ist talk with them, killing them does not give resources eather... I also spawned the zombie cow... she now attacks me all the time and i cant even hit her... so i cant kill her. And she runs totaly slowmotion towwards me.. The animal farm (Deer) is totaly buggy just runs around dissapiering here shows up there... Do i need to do something else or install another mod to make it work?
  4. He do it like that when iam not playing. But you cant use the big storage that way. iam using the modlet and the SDX from Guppycurs Vehicle Madness. But we had that Bug befor the Guppcur SDX Mod on the old Server befor already.
  5. He tried but dint find the right spot... I have to interupt my base craftig and farming serval times and interact with his heli so he can interact again... but if he dies or his game crashes interaction is gone again... really disgusting ^^; i wonder why i never had that problem with my heli... while he have that all the time.
  6. I did that Yesterday, cause i wanted the vecihles to be pickupable and shown on the Map. sady two times we lost the vehicles we found when game crashes or disconnectet from server while driving. But we only craft that ones we found and got home, like we got the recipe from them. I also made the recipes for them very expensiv to craft. That way we didnt hurt your goal.
  7. Xellulina

    Farm Life v2

    Is it normal that livestock pens and fish pond despwan afer i while? or is it a bug? can i turn the despawn off somehow? And is it right that all 3 cows are not fully animatet? just for a sekond when feedig them, while all other animals stay animatet.
  8. MH my Server didnt give me any errors, but me friend cant interact with his heli, while i interact with mine without problems. Its really strage...
  9. i wonder if this uninteractable Bug may have something todo with DX11 and Unity? This starts happen after 7 Days update as far as i know. My friend have random Crashes since then (i read a lot of other people too, and only solution is change from DX11 to OpenGL) Also he have that problem with the Heli, me not.
  10. We didnt have that invisible Wall Bug again after finding some other working Vehicles. Seems like it just was once cause of something random. So never mind ^^; Also other working vehicles are gone when pick them up (HQHD) so nothing todo with your mod eather. Sorry for bothering you :/ how is respawn working now? do cars respawn when recycle or destroying them? i dont know if i shall destroy cars to force respawn und hopefully got working vehilces or better not ^^;
  11. Hi. Is that normal that you cant pickup the working Vehicles you found Sometimes without making them dissapear in Inventory? Are the ones that was craftet pickupable? We also had problems driving them away form where we found them. For example yesterday we found one Guppy van in the Snow City but couldnt drive it away from the Town, like there was an invisible wall it also glitch into the ground a bit.
  12. But in Latest Seasons they have Horses
  13. Oh Okay... I tought it would be like a Vehicle just with Horse Model, other Sound and Recipes... that simple ^^;
  14. I dont want to down grade or go medival... I just wanna have a horse in this post apocalyptic world (maybe i have seen to much of Walking Dead ^^ Shouldnt it be simular to an Car somehow? We could make a zombie Horse and Craft it from rotten Meat, Leather, Bones, Fat ... XD Fuel could be Fresh Meat or something like that XD i Living Horse could be craftet from Farm Stuff (Like in the Farming Modlets) and use Animal Food für Fuel.
  15. I Will report if something is wrong and blame Ragsy then will test this evening. I dont know wich mod you are talking about.. cant find anything under this Name :/ Maybe you know the name of the Modlet ? *EDIT* ok found ist you mean : bdubyah's modlets Um.. talking about Vehicles... mhhh .. Can you make me a Horse please? XD
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