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  1. HI everyone, After a long hiatus, I've come back to play some Darnkess Falls. I've seen many interesting changes, but there's one thing that I believe might be a bug? I died several times in a row (to the point where I got to wait 2h to get rid of the debuff) and when the debuff was finally over...my HP and my Stamina stayed at 60 (I'm level 20) and I guess it should be over 100, right? is this a bug or intended? anyway, in case it's a bug, to get rid of it? thanks!
  2. Hi guys, back to this mod again. hich should I play; stable or exp version? thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I've played version 5.4.4 (I think) and I've realized that when you kill with molotovs you only get experience from 1 zombie (even if you kill 7-8). Is that a bug or is it intentional? If it is intentional, what about if I use my flamethrower (I still haven't got one)? If I flamethrow two zombies and kill them through fire damage, will I only get exp from one or from both?
  4. Hey Scyris, I would not suggest to begin with archery. Bear in mind that arrows tend to explode, that feathers are not always that easy to come by and that I've been people playing with bow and having to use 8 arrows to down a zombie. Then, with the natural progression, you'll need metal arrows for the compound bow (or whatever its name is in English, as this is not my native tongue) and that's gonna be expensive. Plus, you'll miss blut weapons such as baseball bat, which is pretty killer, specially thanks to its unique mods (the pickaxe mod, for instance). General tips 1. Try to find a source of infinite water. This is the most important, basic aspect of this mod (a well, a lake, whatever). It is paramount to focus on this first. 2. Keep doing all the missions. It's very important to get them done so you can get more exp. Also, accept any and all missions from merchants, that's the only way to get good money (you CANNOT sell anything anymore) 3. Loot, loot, and loot again. Vital for everything. 4. Gas and molotovs no longer work the "normal way". You cannot get gas from cars anymore (you get empty gas tanks). You can only get gas from gas stations and barrels of gas (and you need a recipe to know how to craft barrels into gas). Also, molotovs will only give exp from first zombie you kill, it seems. Until we get an answer from modders, maybe you wanna go with the flamethower (it's easy to make) 5. Watch your back AT ALL TIMES. Zombies can 1 shot you if they attack you from behind. 6. Try to go for the grill (you'll need...a grill? I'm not sure about the name in english, it's the thing where you usually do your meat). It's a recipe (level 2 masterchef or something like that) but grilled meat it's cheaper to make and sustains you for longer (for instance, beef jerky costs 12 meat to have 20 satiate points, grilled beef costs 5 meat to get 10 satiate points. So you can get same satiate points for 2 less meat. Considering how difficult it is -sometimes- to find animals, that's a huge improvement). I'd also recommend going for the well ASAP (that gives you infinite water) but you need bucket and I'm not sure if you can make it now without recipe. Does anybody know?
  5. Hi everyone, I've played version 5.4.4 (I think) and I've realized that when you kill with molotovs you only get experience from 1 zombie (even if you kill 7-8). Is that a bug or is it intentional? If it is intentional, what about if I use my flamethrower (I still haven't got one)? If I flamethrow two zombies and kill them through fire damage, will I only get exp from one or from both?
  6. Hi Scyris, Yes, zombies here are quite tough (or you are quite weak at the beginning, either or). My suggestion is that you spend the first few skill points in damage output (I do melee, so I go with skull crasher. If you do archery, maybe the skill that allows you to have a higher chance of crit). To avoid (in as much as possible) breakage when repairing, you have repair before it gets the red square and you have to level up as much as possible your construction skills. This is a VERY tough mod, so you'll have a very rough time. Vanilla, Darkness Falls, etc got nothing on this mod in terms of difficulty (not to mention that this is a very loot-dependant mod, so you have to loot a lot to be able to survive and even more to be able to make any progress).
  7. Hi, I'm playing the 5.1 version of the mod and I have two questions: 1) regarding the mission of the lockpick (the one you need to get a lockpick and it says "pick a residential door"). What am I supposed to do? I've opened some doors with the lockpit but the mission remains undone. Any help? 2) Where can I find oil shale? I've been digging in the dessert and I just can't seem to find it (at least not in the way I found it in vanilla and/or other mods). I've heard that iron, for instance, can only be found in the wasteland (so there was a change in that sense). Is oil shale also changed? if so, as I said, where can I find it? If it's still in the dessert, do I have to dig in any special place? (just as a reminder, I'm playing the 5.1 version of the mod) Thanks guys!
  8. Hi again, Just quick question (as I've been giving DF a rest for a little while). Is the experimental or stable versiion compatible with 17.4 or should I go back to 17.3? Thanks! P.S: any new changes in experimental since the last update to stable 17.3?
  9. Hi JaxTeller, I started a map yesterday before this message and last night, I reached level 5, I upgraded my tradesman to level 4 so that I could purchase my first "hammer & forge" but when I bought it, I couldn't purchase the first point of H&F because it doesn't detect the level 4 in tradesman (the label "hammer & forge" remains gray and it says "you need 'tradesman level 4' to purchase this skill". Why is this happening? am I supposed to start a new map? Because I found a pretty decent spot and, more importantly, pretty decent loot (pipe wrench, chainsaw and a couple of good recipes) and it would really annoy me to have to restart the map again (I began playing your mod some days ago, before you update and I restarted the map to play the update)
  10. Hi Zyamaia, 1. Open the map and look for a forest bio. Do you see like roundish spots/stains in the terrain? They are usually under the biggest rocks. Well, dig down there and dig down until you hit bedrock (a stone that you will not be able to destroy). Then just dig around. This is how I found my titanium in all my games. I say bio forest because t hat's where I found titanium all the time, but I haven't tried other biomes. 2. Spawning is a bit weird in DF, so if you are looting a place and you feel enemies are coming up all the time...well, that's normal 3. I think you need uranium (found in wastelands bio) and then you need the technology class (you need research notes, found in bunkers or loot -rarely- from lab zombies)
  11. Guess what? I now works! I don't know what has happened, but now everything works just fine! By the way, I've seen that now I can destroy zombie's arms (I know that in previous alphas, desmembering was an actual thing, but I've only played 17 onwards). Love that! Does it also work with the legs? If so, the shotgun's previous ability (the one in the stable version that provided 100% leg desmembering) will be missed
  12. Hi Khaine I have done what you guys mentioned regarding updating the game via steam, and I launched your mod and, despite being Alpha 17.3. it didn't work. I eliminated again all data from the game, updated to alpha 17.3 and deleted your mod and reinstall it and it still doesn't work
  13. Hi again, Sorry for the double post, but I think I've discovered the reason of my DF not working; I started the normal version (after uninstalling and reinstalling) and I've realized that the version I have is 17.2 (B20 something). I don't know why it doesn't update to 17.3. Any idea about how can I force it to upload to 17.3?
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