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  1. user2010

    SMXui - [A18]

    I would love to, but he was shoved into the War of the Walkers Mod mod! And from there, I can’t pick it out. So I'm suffering!
  2. user2010

    SMXui - [A18]

    A rare muck! In terms of design, everything is in order! But playing this @%$*#! is impossible!
  3. Weird! The author of the mod does not respond to problems! He does not respect those who use his mod ??
  4. AAAAA...... Google translator! I myself am afraid to read what he translates here, unlike the site!
  5. Grandfather! Do you know better, are you meditating? Today sat doing 30 min (in real time) vegetable stew. Everyone can lie! Inventory in the game, climbs out of the screen, is it probably also in his youth?
  6. Idiot's dream! What is the real process !!!!!!! Complete quests in real time, watch the bonfire! How to prepare it, etc. Do something in the game, nothing! Installed the mod and see how the fire works, how the machine works! Get out the quest! But it’s impossible to make a hammer! Erased your mod, I won’t bet anymore!
  7. Accidentally dropped, quest for a class task! How to recover? The new book did not help!
  8. Titanium only in a radioactive biome! And further. See my topic above!
  9. Please tell me what is the problem? 1. I make a club cudgel, on a quest mission. You have to look at the process without closing the workbench, if I close it, it does not count. 2. Sometimes merchants turn out like in vanilla, locked up! And usually not, and on the towers there are mobs unfastening zombies. There is also an additional merchant who gives quests With a locked merchant, sometimes a lot of errors occur. And there is no second trader with quests.
  10. Please treat with understanding, the translation is made in Google translator Now I liked that, but I would like to change! 1. What is radiation, is the invisible radiation that accumulates in the body. After it is withdrawn and treated later! But what happens now? He opened the tablet and seemed to press the radiation shut off button! It is necessary to do as with infection. The longer the zone, the more radiation accumulates. taking pills is treated. Just as gradually. You can add lead plates, which will protect against radiation and lengthen the accumulation time from radiation. In real life, only lead is able to at least somehow protect against radiation). The pill from radiation was pushed so far that sometimes it’s just not possible to live up to it! But titanium can be obtained in this way, put a bed, start digging, die right there, resurrect in the same place and dig again! So what to do? And this is if you are lucky to find it! Make it possible to modify a jeep hung with lead plates to drive safely through contaminated areas! You have VERY MUCH completely stupid and unnecessary cars that you don’t even want to get out of creative things! 2. I liked the sliding doors very much, it’s only difficult to close, you need to carefully aim, but they open normally! But they appear so late that, in addition to a little entertainment, they are no longer needed! Since for a long time no one in the house where he lives does not meet the horde! Therefore, only for beauty, and a pleasant view! 3.To increase interest, the third-level oven and all the machines above the workbench must be powered by electric energy so that the player puts the generator in fuel, and at the same time receives a high manufacturing speed. 4. Military Power The armor should be interchanged with the titanium one, since the latter is better, but appears earlier! 5. Laser weapons, very weak, small range, low rate of fire, small amount of charges, well, etc. - a machine gun is better in all respects. 6.On a modern uranium machine, you can make super bullets, with huge damage! (which actually do) 7. A machine for the manufacture of parts orzhi, should appear much earlier, by the time of its appearance, there are so many details. 8. Installation for the extraction of fuel from wood, well ....... !!!! What are you talking about? It’s a lot easier to get oil than so many trees! If installed in places of deposits, oil. power up again. He will pump oil! And fuel will be VERY popular if everything is powered by electricity. We need to return the full-time drum store, with an even greater number of rounds! 9. A modern machine, you need to make it more affordable. everything made of titanium add there !! 10. Add a modern chemical station, otherwise it doesn’t harmonize Powered by electricity!
  11. Please treat with understanding, the translation is made in Google translator I want to express my impressions and wishes in fashion! What not to like! 1.When you need to make 100 ones and 200 other blocks on the quest, and then strengthen them! Why so much! If the first quest, you have to build an unnecessary, a pyramid, and if opened from a book, then usually for a long time, everything is made with concrete! And this is a waste of work! 2. It is especially pleasing when you have to complete the quest to kill zombies with your fists, this is so cool 3. There are still books that you study, study, but they are not read all! 4. Mobs are very strong, I (forgive the old soldier, BUT! Weapons must kill, otherwise it is not a weapon) even increasing the damage of all weapons 2 times! Some mobs just do not kill! 1500 hp! 4. The number of green and very strong mobs at night, especially in the initial LVL, leads to the fact that you need to sit motionless all night, somewhere on a high tower. Since it’s unrealistic to kill with a club! Why lose so much playing time, oh yes .... I forgot, you need to take the game 5. HOW? AS? find titanium? If there are almost no stones in the radioactive zone, and if there is, then pick up nothing, only at random! You won’t succeed at random either, for example, I’ll post a screenshot where it’s clear that it’s impossible to find by accident, because it lies so deep that without a landmark, it’s NOT possible to find !!! 6. Quests from the merchant of the first LVL. immediately fall into the zone with radiation, I had about 4 quests. Dropped because of this! 7. Three times passed the mod! The first walkthrough, for 100 lvl 8 red leaves, (you need 10), the second time 6 pcs., The third time 9 (and five immediately fell at a time in one factory). Sorry, I had to get out of the creative to see the technology It just lost three walkthrough mod! All these tekhnologii need to be made available! Maybe all the same a missing piece of craft somehow? Titanium is very deep! There are no landmarks above.
  12. VPN did not help! The link also does not work. I'm trying through the mod launcher!
  13. There are titanium! And brass, melt the money, enough! Yes, and parts, radiators, and other garbage!
  14. Files do not download! Error 429 on the download page!
  15. Программа позволяет выставь настройки, и пожалуйста! The program allows you to set the settings, and please!
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