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  1. Please tell me how to remove SMX and SMX UI from the mod - they disfigure the mod and it's very hard to play with them!
  2. Thank you for the work done! I really want you to turn your attention to the existing items in the game! We have distant future, and the kind of workbench, like 200 years ago, on this workbench you can only make a coffin, and then it will turn out badly! Some mods have some progress in this regard! For example, Darkness_Falls, automatic doors, beautiful workbenches are in fashion! Are you planning to change this part of the game?
  3. Я после того как начал играть понял, что меня все устраивает, я в начале решил увеличить по привычке урон оружия! Но потом мне показалось, что все в норме как я люблю :)) Но вот то, что я не играл в старые версии, и туплю по полной это плохо, я то сказал, а другие просто уйдут! Хотя я давно уже предлагал тут, что если мод нравиться в магазине майкрософт за него хоть копеечку но заплатят! Думаю объяснил
  4. В чем ты XML ковыряешь! В Notepad ++ ни хрена не открывает В старые версии не играл никогда, так и не понял как прокачиваться, может совместить перки как вновой версии и старой, ну типа как в Darkness Falls так, что бы проще было! Либо запилить еще один мод
  5. The scariest and meanest things in the world are stupidity and shortsightedness! In addition to the enthusiastic cry, and offended comments addressed to me! NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A concrete answer to my points of criticism of the mod! Although, if you raise the story, there were many specific proposals! The best way to kill something good is to praise it when you need help!
  6. You are trying to compare, something that cannot be compared! The 3.40 mod for this alpha is 50 percent different from at least alpha 18! You are trying to advertise me a mod that I went through 10 times! Now everything is outdated in this fashion! It needs to be radically altered, but at the moment - the production of patches is taking place! So be objective!
  7. Who told you this ??? Have you played mod at all? Why do I need laser weapons at all, why do I need to hunt demons at all? Protective suits for disassembly are easy to find! And titanium armor + mods and that's it! I have 150 lvl 60 red cards, a hundred, material, all mods are done! Why would I go to demons? It used to be necessary, but now it's over! Part of the gameplay mod is irretrievably lost! Loot is not needed at all after that! I can craft anything and is much better than I can find or buy! And there is nothing to buy at all! It's a pity the fashion is gone!
  8. Sorry, Google translated it wrong! I meant that with the installed mods, you stop noticing the presence of a radioactive zone! Of course there will be those who will complain! BUT!!!!! There is gameplay and character development tactics! Previously, slimy armor was the target, you had to choose to either play in an unprotected suit or farm power armor in a radioactive zone! And now, I broke the protective suits, made the mods and that's it! Great !!!! Most of the gameplay turned out to be unnecessary! After this introduction that there is this radioactive zone, it lost interest, and now it does not affect the gameplay at all!
  9. Why did you kill the mod? There was a radioactive zone! In order to get there, you had to use a protective suit! I had to farm with great difficulty in this suit to get power armor! And you took and destroyed it all! You have entered mods for armor! What for? After being installed in titanium armor, the whole game changes! Once installed, there is no difference in biomes! So much effort is in vain! I am already silent, about 5-7 more sections in fashion!
  10. Very grateful, this action helped! True, I did everything from scratch - I deleted it, installed it on a new one and it all worked! Thanks you!
  11. Trying to run your mod! There is a problem with the Unity! I make a log file, tell me what is it possible to do? If necessary, I can attach the crash report!
  12. It's that simple! After your answer, I realized that I was really mistaken and wrote to the wrong thread!
  13. As I understand it, the author of the mod is TsAR !? Otherwise I would have answered the question a long time ago about the wretchedness of my underdeveloped imagination! YES forgive us stupid, unworthy to play your mod! We are pieces of @%$#, we will meekly wait for your answer! Oh great, crooked modder!
  14. Put the War_of_the_Walkers mod!And oh, horror !! There is a new version of SMX!Well, it's impossible to play this black and terrible creature!Not only is it almost impossible to see anything on a black background, they also made a darkening!Who thought of making all the recipes dark? Now, by touch, you need to seek, seek, seek, seek until you lose consciousness!Or unload every resource from chests, boxes into your inventory, and go to the workbench to see what can be done from this!Otherwise, there will be barely, barely visible contours!According to the new version of the mod, it is clear that the mod has advanced very far, please, colored icons in the skills.But I started learning programming to remove this nasty black color! And to clean up, this is your recipe darkening invention!
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