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  1. I have passed your version 3.2A completely, 2 times! I might just be unlucky, but I never found small bunkers! First, I’ll say I didn’t like it! The number of received red cards was about 100 jokes! And all in the big bunker! At this stage of the game, they are not needed at all. The number of keys exceeded 400, although only one large bunker! And then it's really boring. I want to share my ideas for the further development of the mod! 1.Return small bunkers, and only drop red cards there. 2. Everyone knows that in the radiation zone, the harvest of vegetable garden
  2. Once I put this mod, I must suffer!How to destroy your red blocks ?? Than?? Or is it impossible! Once I put this mod, I must suffer! and repent for it ??
  3. Well, how can I tell you 1. There will be an opportunity to enter from non-standard places. 2. Have to dig a lot. If you change the sensitivity of the zombies, so that they do not feel the player under the SNOW blocks, 2 blocks in size (at least), then a huge variety will appear! There will be an opportunity to dig tunnels, cover houses with snow blocks! Build underground bases! At 16 alpha it was "almost". Thanks!
  4. I played this mod back in 16 alpha. In alpha 16, zombies couldn't dig deep, and that's why I really liked the mod. In alpha 19, this advantage disappeared from the game. If now, you bury yourself deeply, then you will be dug up, for sure! You still have to build a tall building for safety! If in this mod, make it so that the zombies through the snow cannot find the player, make the zombie sensitivity to a maximum of 2 snow blocks, then the mod will be radically changed! After that, you can safely dig tunnels and be safer under the snow!
  5. Titanium is located only in these areas! Break the stones! If a Titanium gets out of him, the swarm is deeper! There is a very high chance of finding it in this place!
  6. I was generating the world! Started passing and already 130 lvl, almost everything is open! However, there was a problem on the map. - I have not found a single rocket base, not a single small underground bunker! I found two large underground bunkers in the radioactive zone, but I can't enter - it says that access is denied! What to do? Is there a problem with the map? -Yes, I noticed a little oddity, explosive bullets (orange), practically do not damage armored soldiers from AK 47, but the same bullets from a pistol (25), and a machine gun is killed immediately! Why don't plants gro
  7. Second edition, text! Reading this thread of the forum, you can see that the requirements for developers are increased regarding small details! Look at the pixel games, the graphics are terrible (Minecraft), but there is an interesting gameplay. No game has become popular just because of the good graphics! We need to add new features to the game! In the old mods for this game, a lot has already been implemented! For instance. -Changing seasons Once every few days, it snows and it gets cold, then everything comes back! - Radioactive zones where you can find unique re
  8. How lovely! Everything is good with us! The gameplay is perfect! Thought what an @%$# I was missing! AAAAAAAAAA! Now I'm busy, it's all about the sounds! Make them and life will improve, loot to the developers, it flows like a river! Hmm !!
  9. Dear developers!
    I don't understand many players who require secondary content! This is all secondary!
    The main gameplay! Only the changing gameplay allows you to summon new players. (Well, accordingly, money, chic dls, like the Starvation mod)
    I'd love to see the balance! Now I do it myself, by mod! Next, my wishes!
    1. Zombies must be killed from the 3rd touch. From the first to cripple, from the second to infect. The most important thing is that weapons by levels should ensure the killing of zombies, with a maximum of 3 shots!
    Melee weapon, from the 5th! This can be displayed in the settings.

    2. Here I am not original! It was in one of the mods!
    Change of seasons - two playing days in summer, two in winter! The snow is falling all white and cold! And in the desert this is not, but in the daytime it is very, very hot! Moreover, if the building is without heating! Then you can't hide comfortably in it! Yes, and then a lot of clothes, but no sense! There should also be a balance for its loss, otherwise on the second day everyone is in top clothes!
    3.Further as in the same fashion! New machines, beautiful modern, but powered by electricity. At this stage, electricity is almost forgotten!
    4. New unique ore for new things produced on these machines.
    5. Return the ability to players to bury themselves underground again. You just sawed out your decision, a big piece from the gameplay option! Now it looks very funny, especially when zombies are digging a huge pit, but where did they put the dug earth? Probably ate :)))
    6. Again in one fashion has already been implemented, the latest houses, with automatic (BEAUTIFUL) doors!
    7. Make an elevator! Give the opportunity to build high-rise buildings!
    I build them anyway, but why, having machines and technologies, there is no way to build an elementary lift!
    That's it for today! Many thanks!
    Sorry for google translator :(

  10. Please tell me, underground city, caves with three floors - is this your mod? Or from kompopak ??
  11. I had this when I confused 19.1 with version 19.2 b3
  12. I have exactly the same problem! Completely identical! I solved it as follows. I close all programs, especially "Opera". On the start button, with the right mouse button, I select -Complete or log off, in the menu I choose to quit! Then I go in again. Without launching any program, I launch 7 days with the mod. Everything is working. If you launch the Opera browser before and exit it, it may crash!
  13. Author, [forgive me if this is stupid]. Upload a video [of] where you are [in the game]! YOU [must be a prodigy with just] a machine gun, only seen in the picture! How [can] you survive the first night, on the seventh day! With the settings! [With 300%] experience and 120 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can not spread it! And immediately make us @%$#s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What [could kill an irradiated zombie if] after 300 shots [it still is alive] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what about when you have 30 bullets in your [clip], and there are 500 monsters around! HAVE YOU PASSED THIS? Yo
  14. Downloaded version 3.02! Doesn't work after splash screen with game cursor! Music plays and that's it! 1. Deleted the client 2. Installed the client on a new one. 3.Checked it works. 4. Installed mod - does not work. Version 3.01 worked. A clipping from the lies of mistakes! The last three lines are repeated ad infinitum, until they forcefully interrupt the game. At the end of the file, these lines (Filename: Line: -1) Setting up 2 worker threads for Enlighten. Thread -> id: 3908 -> priority: 1 Thread -> id: 4048 -> priori
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