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  1. It seems to me that they misunderstood me! I will clarify my thoughts again, thanks for your attention. All I wrote was a desire to make your mod the best! I just want to consult with you and do not need to be taken as an insult! About the weapon! 1. I'm just increasing the damage. But it seems to me that in an ordinary (non-radioactive zone) it should not be too tough, especially during the day. Better to increase damage to zombies. 2. Regarding mining (loot), it concerned the moment when I have a level above 170 and almost all classes are open! 3. Regarding the powerful army armor with radiation protection. I meant that after you start crafting it, you can safely fight in a radioactive zone! (When I didn't know it, I went to a radioactive zone, drank pills and got it from monsters). In my opinion this is more interesting! 4. Degradation after repair, in my opinion, is not needed. Instead of repairing, you just have to make a new one, the same color! That at high LVL is not so difficult. 3. About the language. If you needed help, I would be happy to help! Please contact. Please answer about titanium blocks. Why haven't I found them anymore? And the laser is only done in bunkers? Thank you for your work!
  2. Is there something wrong! I'll start with the main thing! Spurs any soldier or anyone who risks his life with a weapon, you will not be understood! A weapon that kills from the 30th shot !! THIS IS NOT A WEAPON! Is it really hard to understand ??? I understand you children! I understand that all your knowledge is DOOM, but you still need to think! 1. Weapon of the 1st grade - must kill initial zombies with 1-3 shots, 2. Weapons of the 2nd grade of ferrals 3. Green Ferrals Raid 3 Weapon! Difficulty should not be determined by the number of bullets fired! You need to make the monsters kill the player, on a simple level from 2-5 times, on average from 2-3 hits and on a difficult level 1-2 hits! Played on high difficulty! For those who do not understand, this is 300% of experience! On the first (7) night, 600 zombies came !!!!!!!!!!!! Half of them are Banshees! After the end of the horde, chants - Banshees - from 4 am to 7 am Shouted 570 green ferrals !! It would be more! How can you kill 100 zombies if you need 20-30 shots for each? No weapon is capable of this! I'm not an idiot! I took out the gun of the developers and killed everything! In the radioactive zone, chants (banshees) screamed 1200! Zombies, and they walked, sewed, walked! I couldn't run away, it was no longer a game but a turn-based strategy! Again, a gun from a creotiv, from the developers, solved all the problems! It only means odon! RAVE! The firepower is simply not enough! I had all kinds of weapons, with armor-piercing bullets! 4. It is necessary to change the loot system, at high levels I am able to make red weapons and things! In the loot, as before, only purple! And why should I farm? 5.Degradation of weapons during repair-nonsense! I just carry a spare set of kars weapons with me! Repaired, it dropped to purple, I immediately take out the mods and insert them into the spare! There is no point in repairing, everything loses in price very much. For all the passage I did not use the repair kit NEVER !!! What for??? If I didn't know before that there were suits with radioactive shielding, I ran to this area without him! Now, everything is extremely simple. Why do I need this zone ?? Yes, once I climbed into the bunker, found a laser workbench, and made a laser workbench on it! ALL! Why do I need to run to this area? Why search for supermonsters? I can already craft everything! I believe that it is necessary to remove -Adjust the balance of firepower, and life! - degradation of weapons and things! - change the merchant's assortment, well, there is absolutely nothing to buy at high levels, except for resources. -Make red loot drop too! Otherwise, why farm. -Make laser cutters and doors powered by electricity! -Correct Russian translation, this is writing !!!!! -I really want it like in another fashion, implemented, the change of seasons, with all the charms of the weather! -Remove the army's powerful armor, with protection from radiation, whereas before it will be possible to run in titanium after taking pills! At the moment, with this armor, the radioactive zone seems to disappear! -Decrease the number of monsters in the radioactive zone, and so the game is barely moving! P.S. Oddly enough, I didn't find where to make titanium blocks, I found out about the lazar machine by accident! Until level 185, NEVER met, portal and angels? And why are they needed now !? Sorry for the quality of the translation. It's all google
  3. Ты совсем нищеброд!? Набрался наглости на официальном сервере, писать что играешь в "пиратку"!
  4. The game is out of balance! Entry-level stone tools and melee weapons are superior to iron! Steel tools, and a new club, an ax, are practically not in demand! By the time the purple steel pickaxe appears, I already have a blue drill! And why, do I need them ??
  5. I played all the mods! Which I found for the game 7 days! And I want to apologize for the harsh criticism of the mod! I found out for myself that this mod is one of the best! Thank!
  6. Fixed version of the first topic re-translation!
  7. Just the opposite! The meaning of my message is contrary to your message! Maybe you're right!
  8. A group of lovers of bad games like RAST and ARK are constantly trying to destroy the unique game of 7 days! In the post-apocalyptic game, the future! Attention of the future! And not dinosaur games where they fight with stones and sticks! They argue this as a desire, to receive, as it were, the real world! Sure! Such cool hardcore players, but instead of a machine gun, let's throw stones at zombies for day 7! Forward to the ARC! If I take a machine gun and go against the whole forum on a field where there will be hardcore spear players! I very much doubt their future! It is especially pleasant to watch them ride ox carts in the future since the 18th century! And who is stopping you for hardcore players, not to use weapons, but to throw them away or sell them! NOT! It's not about weapons, but about wanting to ruin the game! The best option for developing the game in the future is the "DARKNESS FALLS." In this fashion, it is more logical, you can see it, develop, character! There are present technologies of the future, weapons of the future! As well as supermonsters that can be killed with these weapons! Sorry Google translation :(
  9. Poorly! Let's do it! Where I live, minus 50 in the shade, and there is no sun for six months! Realism, I really want to cry! Why is this nonsense? Now, when flying on a gyroplane, and nothing is visible because of the rain, fog! It would be better to make a separate mod, changing the seasons, as in (in one major fashion, I forgot which one), only with a sharp change in temperature! A couple of dry winter, spring, summer! Google translator
  10. Which of the modlets allows you to change the seasons?
  11. user2010

    True Survival

    I read that it gives a mod! Real time waiting time! During production, there is a workbench inside the forge! Congratulations! Play a few "maniacs." The rest will pass by or they will clean themselves, your creativity!
  12. Очередной титанический труд! Лишь бы не в пустую, заценим Another titanic work! If only not for nothing, check out
  13. user2010


    In the beginning, very large pictures! I also searched for three days, a link :))
  14. I would love to, but he was shoved into the War of the Walkers Mod mod! And from there, I can’t pick it out. So I'm suffering!
  15. A rare muck! In terms of design, everything is in order! But playing this @%$*#! is impossible!
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