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  1. A19 is now stable and thus begins the update of Farm Life Mod. I will be overhauling some aspects of the mod, and trying to fix what I can. Updates and information will be slow for awhile as I am currently unemployed trying to find a job to support myself with and doing oddjobs to make ends meet. However, as I find time again this will be updated. Main thing I want to confirm is work being done to create a full Information Quest system and initial Quest to help you through the mod and give you all information needed to proceed through the mod.
  2. I'm working on quite a few fixes for the mod at the moment which is why I seem pretty quiet at the moment. Doing a rewrite of some of the basics, and working on a more driven quest line, where you start at A, and work your way through to Z. So it teaches you how to use the mod, as you enjoy it. Along with that, I've taken in several suggestions and will give credit as it is due. If you have any bugs, please report them on the Nexus, all bugs are being looked at. I do want to overhaul the Farm Animals, and Stations coming soon.
  3. I am working on a introductory quest that will give you an idea on how to start similar to the base-game introductory to survival. Will post news of it on the Nexus page for release. I check the Nexus and the Discord for bugs, and for patching. If you want me to see it sooner, post on the Discord.
  4. Yeah, I've got a fix. Its on the nexus for 1.3.8b.
  5. Animals can take quite a long time, especially dependent on your server's settings. And the trees should work fine, as you work through the mod you will find that you actually plant and grow them rather then find them around.
  6. Fertility System has been under revamp for a bit, and nothing yet that we plan to release to the public. But with this new fertile system is fixes several of those issues. However 1.3.8 has removed the reference to the old system, and functions fine.
  7. You want to start by crafting up a good amount of Farm Plots, once you get a minimum of 10 or so, look up the farming quest, it is a craft-able. Start the quest, and from there it snowballs.
  8. Place the PumpJack down, wait awhile there will be a RED fuel barrle that will spawn on it, access from infront of the barrel, take the contents, once you exit the barrel it breaks, then wait for the barrel to show up again.
  9. Download latest stable release from the Nexus Download latest bug squashes from the GitLab Hello, I am DEMMERS, I am the one actively updating and maintaining the FarmLifeV3 mod. Which is a continued work of stasis. Before I get the comments from others saying I'm repacking and stealing the credits of others whom have ported their fixes, please check the credits found within the mod. If someone has made their own port that fixes a bug in the version I offer here, please by all means contribute it forward so we can add it to the repository. I will as I have with all those who have submitted work, is credit you for the work you've submitted. I do not take donations nor do I make any kind of money from this. So please do not spam the forums, or my inbox. Thanks. Works on both 18.3/18.4, however as things have changed ever so slightly 18.4 is the preferred version. The GitLab repository is updated with the latest of any and all information to include bug fixes. Once we've hit a certain amount of bug fixes and the playTest has shown no errors from the listed bug fixes, a new stable release is created and released on the Nexus. FarmLifeV3 MODLET to be installed on both SERVER & CLIENT. FarmLifeV3 includes several new types of farm produce, animal husbandry, new workstations, quests to obtain the new food creations and getting started, and more. FarmLifeV3 is very similar to V2, however we've cleaned up several known bugs and are working towards making the game play a bit better with this mod. While it can be daunting at first to get started, it is quite an enjoyable experience. My activity is mainly in Discord, ya know Guppy's Discord? Check there!

    Farm Life v2

    Thing is, even with fixing up the resources and whatnot the mod doesn't fully work. There are quests that require items that no longer exist and so forth. I recently got permission from Stasis, and will be getting an 18.3 version of the mod made to the public. And will also update to A19 when it releases.
  11. If you've got the Generated thingy, you can load them up as a Modlet, use this as an example. sphereii Winter Project
  12. Someone else posted a topic about UMA, and I'd say this is the best place if any. Would it be possible for TFP to release a limited package for users to create new clothing/armors for the game? && Possibly a hint as to what way we we need to package the files so they are recognized by the game? If you don't have an answer, atleast give me some sort of meme to get over it.
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