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  1. Steam name: (⌐■_■)UltimateGO https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075705342/ Hours played: 5974 hour Started on Alpha: Alpha 1 Discord name: Noctris รู้สิใครเล่า#7679 Native language: Thai and English Owner Server : [TH-PVE] MIGHTY-SE7EN Skill : Mod creator, Admin, Youtuber
  2. Cheer Subquake, +1 Agree, New font scale look fine cause it big like cartoon or RPG game that ok , But I hope we can Modlet font in future cause my country can not write any symbol message from our language (THAI),From bottom of my heart we have five thousand thai players for this game hope you understand, If you not believe you can check community in facebook : 7 Days to die Thailand or My global server MIGHTY-SE7EN RANK 25.
  3. I Agree with Subquake +1, I have experience Modding many Modlet, Even new font is readable, This Dynamic font support only in current 13 languages, But you can not type message in chat game with different than 13 languages, Sample is no has Thai language or ASCII Char like emoji that's ok we not used this suck language or emo ascii in game cause game base on ENGLISH, But how about Steam player name ? Can we name Steam profile character or different language or set by emoji word ? cause when we set name like "ผมสบายดี" or "ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ !! IS" in game our name not show on tab Score bar, Unlike old fo
  4. Font or localization question ? Hello everyone I came from Thailand or Player in Asia and I'm Admin server game in Thailand I have question and problem about er.. Text or Font something, Cause we have many players in Thai around 50,000 players play this game please help . Question - After update alpha 18.3 I heard about alpha 18.3 have new update localization in current support only 13 Languages I can not type message in chat game with Thai language or Thai Char anymore, they change new Font so pretty cool and my question is in future can we write message different than localization 13
  5. 18.3 Can not write chat message in game with other localization language anymore so sad and steam name not show or display with Emoji char and other language. T_T
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