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  1. Yes they have just put it out on Twitter - - - Updated - - - I have not played the last couple because i wanted to wait until it fully come out so i did not have to keep restarting
  2. Such a nice surprise having the proper Alpha 18 out. Was only just wondering when that was going to happen
  3. Can't beat waking up to a new update
  4. Does anyone know how many more experimental will come out or is that still up in the air? Not to fussed if still loads was just wondering
  5. Its so easy to get around this. I could go to day 100 and not see one screamer
  6. Never played Alpha 17, i found it the most boring alpha they have ever done and had given up on the game. I have gone from giving up on the game to finding this the best Alpha ever. Well done the all at Fun Pimps. With LBD gone from the game i thought the game was dead and buried but i was wrong. The game is better than ever before.
  7. Thank you. I thought i at to put a point in that and find the book
  8. What is the perk called to build it?
  9. So o need to find the book or i cannot build it? I have put a point into something but says i still need the book to build it
  10. Do you have to find a book to build a forge or can you put a point into it? If so what do i need to put a point into to get it?
  11. Think i am just going to wait until this game is 100% completed. Got top of the range PC that can play everything on max but this game everything on low and have at to turn my computer off 5 times from the power button because its crashing it that much. Great game but this is not worth braking my PC over
  12. At joy full times like these just spare a thought for those console players right now
  13. Woo Hoo i have it downloading. see you on the otherside
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