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  1. Apologies in advance for the lack of screenshot (rook). Has anyone else had an all-soldier wandering horde show up? I looked out and saw a half dozen soldiers marching in step in an orderly line!! Love it! Old habits die hard (or more accurately are undead).
  2. Yep, 3/5 for the last 6 days. And I'm doing the Nerd glasses trick to see both secret stashes. I thought it was just bad luck, but now I'm starting to suspect a conspiracy (or glitch ;)
  3. I've noticed. I'm day 40 and I've been hitting 3 traders every 3 days since week 1. Not one crucible for sale.
  4. Oh that's the one @unholyjoe! Oddly enough it's in the same place, so maybe when I regenned the world it swapped out a different Crack-a-Book.
  5. Oh I know. And I chopped every one I could find. No luck 😕 Apocalypse2! Did you notice that the Crack A Book has changed in a173? There isn't that cool room on the roof anymore.
  6. I've had the absolute worst luck in my a19 plays. Always infected on day 1, can't find antibiotics or honey, and a dire wolf decided to eat its way to the roof on night 1 despite me crouch-cowering in my little hovel. Having watched lots of streamers, this isn't typical, so I'm just trying to roll with it and decided that I must have been one of the people who helped cause the apocalypse, and this is karmic retribution
  7. A19 has been unplayable despite any combination of settings. 48G of RAM later and now things are running almost (but not always) perfectly. I'll echo that the spawn is broken. Having enemies, especially animals that will murder you in early game, pop into existence right next to you without warning is a deal-breaker. Not an a19 issue specifically (though personally I've never had a game before where I got infected on day 1 and couldn't find antibiotics/honey despite some pretty aggressive looting--twice!) but it would be helpful if at least the initial trader always had honey or antibio
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