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  1. Hello, am i able to move my save from 2.4 experimental to the 2.4 stable version or do i have to start all over again?
  2. My friend tried to do the farmer quests and got stuck on the 3rd one because he couldnt craft the scrap iron hoe, is there like a schematic or a skill you need to learn?
  3. Ok guys, i decided to update darkness falls to 2.0.4 and works fine, but then when i try to go to my old 17.1 save, I can't start it because the start button is greyed out and when i look at the console it says "savegame contains unknown option 'BlockDurabilityModifier'. Probably an outdated savegame- ignoring this option!" so if any of you guys can help me that would be pretty nice, thank you.
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