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  1. I believe this is for the Twitch integration.
  2. I've been back and forth for a few years between shaved and long hair. When everything closed I saw it as an opportunity to try one out without worrying how it looked. I went with shaved and thought it looked pretty good. Maybe one day I'll grow it out...
  3. Keeping expectations in check but this sounds like a great direction. Also that new pic is sexy af.
  4. Fair point. Right now we have the opposite issue, though. Finding a duplicate mod late game doesn't feel good. Mods are in a strange position where they don't scale with loot stage like weapons and armour do. Mod X on day 1 is identical to mod X on day 100. Not being able to uninstall mods would create another interesting choice: do I use this now or wait until I get a better gun? Using it now would make the decision to upgrade require more consideration, as well, because now I'm not just comparing base stats but also considering the mod's added functionality. You'll always find another mod for that late game weapon, it's just a matter of time.
  5. I don't necessarily agree with your entire premise but I like the idea of not being able to uninstall mods. This is a fairly common mechanic in a lot of looter games, especially when the number of potential mods is as limited as 7 Days. Once you find your first of mod X the next time is kinda lame?
  6. Yea, not having to re-search for the shape you want is handy - when you actually want it. Having a clear button would be a nice QoL feature.
  7. I'm sure they'll get to it eventually. It's a pretty non-critical bug.
  8. Well deserved! I haven't been able to play as much A20 as I'd like but it's great so far.
  9. I put roughly an hour in over lunch. Obviously not a large sample size but performance was great in the town I spawned near. I did experience an issue placing my bedroll where it wouldn't render the block preview and then was destroyed when I did place it. Not sure if it was just user error though so I'll have to try and repro later.
  10. I'm sorry that was the only weekend you'll ever have to play a video game. Guess you don't need to post here anymore?
  11. I didn't survive the 3 day streamer event so I cannot download
  12. Have the last 3 days really been that much of a burden for you? The optimization issue was noticed on Friday, the day streaming started. Relax, dude.
  13. You don't even have to watch that closely, he's pretty blatant about it 😂
  14. No one in that thread is blaming TFP for the streamers announcing this weekend.
  15. I think that ship has been out to sea for some time now
  16. Yes, you can directly place upgraded blocks if you have the materials. The only difference is they've simplified the upgrade chain and blocks no longer degrade to lower tiers when damaged.
  17. Let's also remember that fun/ balance trumps realism. The game will be tuned to what the developers feel is best for gameplay, not necessarily a hypothetical real life scenario.
  18. Definitely a polish item. I can't wait for it though as I have a friend who is constantly driving into things that go boom.
  19. I wouldn't look into it too much based on the streams. Lathan has stated previously that food is not a priority for him during the streams - he's more concerned with showing off new features.
  20. Apologies, I was unclear. Increased city spawns are an A20 feature.
  21. It is possible to adjust spawns inside cities. They have already increased city spawns in A20.
  22. That's not a bad idea. Tying inventory to progression could simulate a basic trust mechanic - you scratch my back, I scratch yours kinda thing. Can't wait to see what the team comes up with.
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