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  1. * This is not a promise that POIs will never repeat.
  2. You're missing the point, my friend It's not a question of how but instead why?
  3. I hear and appreciate your points but I don't think another tier of shovel will solve the issue. You said the solution yourself: late game content. We need more meaningful content to partake in past that day 71 cutoff. I'd be curious to know if TFP is able to tell what the average game length is with the analytics they've added. Are players playing past a certain time? Why or why not?
  4. You're right, it is easier. But TFP are (I assume) more interested in adding meaningful content over stuff like this. We've seen this before with the removal of things like gun parts and LBD. Sure scavenging for that one gun part took time - and had an element of fun to it - but what did it ultimately add to the game? Searching for the Forge Ahead book took time and all it accomplished was arbitrarily blocking progression at random (*). What does another tool tier add to the game? A shovel is a shovel. We have the tiers that we do now because each tier presents some form of tangible progression with tradeoffs between each tier. What unique benefit would another tier add? Kinda just feels like ticking off a box on a progression list to me. Give me more quests and enemies to fight so that I'm more invested in digging up dirt to make my base. * I did enjoy the euphoria brought on by finding the book
  5. Does it, though? I'd rather a wider breadth of activities than tool tiers. I don't personally see the value add of another tool tier. Remember, the auger and chainsaw makes 4 tiers already.
  6. They used to climb and it was not creepy.
  7. All of those things have been pushed to A21 according to the first page.
  8. There's got to be more to the drone than storage that they haven't revealed yet, otherwise they would have just given us an expanded backpack mod. Hopefully we find out soon.
  9. We already know their next game will be in Unreal - I doubt they will reuse what they've built for 7 Days for future games. There are many limitations that have hampered their true vision too many times.
  10. I can't speak for the devs but this may be to simulate a basic sphere of influence or territory for each trader? Or it could simply be the result of the first implementation of the quest system and will be improved in the future.
  11. There was no mention of any new skyscrapers.
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