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  1. This is going to be such a game changer.
  2. I request that these ridiculous tree puns not be pruned.
  3. My component is bigger than your component.
  4. I'm guessing they fudged the probabilities for the demo. Dismemberment should be a semi-special event when it happens. Wasn't dismemberment super common when they first introduced it and then got toned down later with an added perk to increase the chance? New systems like this tend to go through balance passes. Anyone remember when broken legs were first introduced? 😅
  5. I'd say this is working as intended. If we didn't have spawn blocking on player placed blocks than zombies would spawn inside bases and that's no fun. TFP are not designing the game around 50+ player servers so if you want to build mega cities you'll have to deal with consequences like this. This is probably the best solution.
  6. Watch the dev streams, they've already shown it.
  7. Yes. I believe they said that currently they have to place terrain blocks individually so it's a pain.
  8. Let's clarify that sewers in A20 will be part of POIs so they won't span entire towns or connect multiple POIs.
  9. TFP have already clarified that the new particle board blocks are the new scaffolding tool and can be picked up. For all intents and purposes they are just a reskin of frames (minus being able to shoot/ see through them).
  10. Why would you think nerd polling is gone? There is no evidence to support this.
  11. This is a realistic, levelled expectation. @Roland Can you sticky this somewhere?
  12. Oh gosh, I had forgotten how many #gates we used to have.
  13. What is with this obsession with experience? Actions will result in an amount of experience given, which may or may not be the same in A20 compared to how it was in A19. Does it really matter? This isn't directly directed at you, @POCKET951, I've just seen this question posed a number of times and it confounds me.
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