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  1. I'm not so sure. The lack of a growl may be a bug or, if intentionally left out, added later for balance and consistency.
  2. Prime said in last night's stream that logic gates will not be added. It's basically done already. All they gotta do is implement these new systems and create new models/ animations.
  3. Way too ambitious, imo. Quest tiers will likely only increase building size and number of generators to repair.
  4. This sounds like a hardware/ OS issue, not a game issue. If you forced your machine to shutdown I would expect your save to be corrupted if it were in the middle of accessing it.
  5. I doubt we're going to see any change in frequency or quality of output from BGS. Throwing money at something does not automatically make it a better product. I'm not sure where you're getting this idea from.
  6. Then submit a bug report in the correct forum.
  7. That's not how this works, though. If the issue could be from a wide range of factors, as you say, then a dev is not going to waste their time tracking it down. As faatal said, he has not seen a ticket with repro steps and therefore has not looked at it. I can almost guarantee he won't until he receives a ticket. They have a testing team for a reason - to validate bugs and pass along repro steps to the devs so they can fix. So no offence but what you'd rather do is a waste of everyone's time.
  8. Why? So there can be no news or discussions with the devs in a different thread? They'll open it when there's news to share.
  9. Nice whataboutism. I'm less concerned about the visuals and more about the blatant misrepresentation of gameplay on display. The posts declare to be of A19 gameplay, which they clearly are not. You would rarely (never?) see that many wilderness spawns and that tourist skin is not in the game (yet). If these are purely for marketing purposes then a disclaimer along the lines of "not representative of actual gameplay" should be attached. You often find that kind of messaging in reveal trailers and marketing materials for games.
  10. They're probably more upset than they need to be, but they do have a point. Playing on max settings I have never (to my recollection) seen the game look like these screenshots, the new tourist design is not currently in the game, and you rarely see that many zombies on screen outside of horde night. You cannot boot up the game today and have an experience as depicted in these screenshots.
  11. Deep Rock Galactic is such a great game.
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