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  1. Nobody answered in Discord, will try here... Is is possible to enable depth of field in this mod ?
  2. yep,sounds like scavenger level to me,all is right,welcome to DF
  3. Did not progresed very far in game,but are there any armor that protects you from death when stepping slowly right on a mine? People who play with "delete all items on death" they are such a pain
  4. Don't take my words 100%,but seriously i can't shake the feeling i am loosing some fps,with previous version my play in forests was kinda smooth,but now i notice bit more lag/stutter,it's like my system can't even handle more zombies around me, but i really need to test more to be sure(maybe it's my systems fault),anyway one thing is absolutely clear that i never seen 40fps in game,that happens only if reflections enabled. By the way,really nice spiders i was expecting to meet some stupid spiderlings,but no,those are huge
  5. Hello,sorry for my ignorance,but what are the differences between maps Navezgane and Dfallnavezgane(except for added bunker) ? Also,could it be that this newest DF version sometimes drains more fps than previous one ? I noticed some drops from 60 to 40-50 for short times(5-10sec) in my favorite places,biome forest by the lake,where before i never had 40 fps in these places. Cheers
  6. "Cheerleader no longer grants a speed boost. She grants a jump height increase" Oh,never knew cheerleaders did some boosts yes,make more of this kind of stuff,it's awesome
  7. Warning stupid question ahead ! Would anyone(KhaineGB ) make a guess how long for experimental 2.2 to go stable ? A month ? After reading 2.2 update,somehow 2.1 doesn't look so good anymore :/:D
  8. Hey,so what happens if i left behemoth tearing down trader place,saw it killing guards. Barely made out alive 10 things chasing me... but got my welding torch ! :DD Can traders die and if so then what ? :/ I am level29(xp multiplier 25%) and feel strong as a chicken when entering wasteland,wonder what player level or vehicle is recomended for safer exploring there.. :] Really enjoying those almost dead moments and can't wait what will you do with other biomes in the future.
  9. My bike dissapeared,in yeasterday's game it was working fine and today i see only icon on the map,hud,bike itself is invisible... Ver.2.11,files pre-synched... Edit: Ok looks like it's a known vanilla issue,nevermind then...
  10. Was afraid for that answer,damn you
  11. Is there some reason why every gun brings up crosshair when aiming with right-click ? It's probably question to TFP team,but why mod author also keeping these crosshaironaim true and not false ? :/:) I am changing these to false for immersion,but after syncing mod they back again..
  12. Thank you for making wasteland so dangerous,it's amazing how unique this biome is/feels now. Took a bike(for safety) for a quick look there,got chased by some very fast freak,panicked and rammed street lamp or something,died,lost all my hard collected gear(Survivalist,delete loot on death),it's amazing! Don't stop with these awesome ideas,your mod is very ineresting.
  13. Hey,so every gun schematic i read it shows 0/1 and says "disabled by status effect or level requirements not met",what level requirements i have to meet ? Playing as civilian
  14. can you bring back looting the zombie bodies Waste of time in my opinion,i remember after a good fight to check on ~50 bodies was biggest pain @KhaineGB just wanted to honestly thank you for the last update,for killing those stupid animals(but they still giving to much meat.. ? ) and fixing all annoying stutters,they are gone,the game runs so good now! Ever planing to make tools/weapons to break forever after certain times of uses ? Would be so much more realistic!
  15. @gpcstargate I think you need to turn off 'texture streaming' when in game,video settings probably.
  16. @Xylvier and @KhaineGB thank you for awesome support !
  17. Thanks for the help man,so it's not only me seeing those trader and captain doubles.. yes playing solo and killing them does not help with FPS,but killing most of the guards solves the problem completely They respawn after quiting entering the game however,but i don't live near traders so it's not a problem. But maybe you could tell me where exactly i need to look to change animal spawns ? Is that somewhere in the SPAWNING.XML ?
  18. This was mentioned before by some people,but i also agree Please kill all the animals or leave just a few man ,impossible to get survival feeling when there's so much meat running around,it makes other food sources not necessary,just charred meat is enough in the game. Same with wood,stone axe gives so much wood that you don't need other types of axes probably. especialy when wood traps requires so little resources. By the way,how much RAM do you need for this mod ? When i play DF custom small map my RAM(16GB) is always on max,does it mean i maybe need 32gb ? :/:) p.s. Damn traders,when near them FPS goes from 60 to ~40
  19. ACTION SKILLS So when it says "+5% Damage to this weapon class. Increases at skill level 21." It means that my bow will be stronger by 5% when skill level is between 1-21 ? 10% stronger when between 21-41 and so on ?
  20. I also agree there's way to many easy to kill animals. Just started the game and have so much meat already. Would love to see some dangerous wild animals instead,need to fight for the food Thank you for the BANDITS and SURVIVORS,they make game look so much more real
  21. About those many random stutters,so is there a difference(in stutter quantity) if mod is installed in SSD or HDD ?
  22. Nice base,i want something like this But waiting for the mod to update first,can't play without few very needed changes
  23. So BANDITS and/or adjustable BLOOD MOON RANGE will be in the coming update maybe ? Thank you in advance when it's done
  24. At least they can't startle you by punching from the rear silently like some lone Z's,you just wach how sudenly fps drops from 60 to 40
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