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  1. thanks but that wasnt a very helpful response but i did figure it out that these are the buffs that are triggered upon death: entityclasses.xml: <entity_class name="playerMale"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfRespawn" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffStatusCheck01,buffStatusCheck02,buffPerkAbilityUpdate,buffNearDeathTraumaTrigger,buffDeathFoodDrinkAdjust"/> so then just going into buffs.xml revealed that this was where health/food/water was being set upon respawning: <buff name="buffDeathFoodDrinkAdjust" hidden="true" remove_on_death="false"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyStats" stat="Health" operation="set" value="25000"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyStats" stat="Food" operation="set" value="25000"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="ModifyStats" stat="Water" operation="set" value="25000"/>
  2. argh! silly me! i knew it was something so simple. thanks! 😄
  3. what is wrong with this? i keep getting "did not apply". <remove xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='ZombieStripper']/property[@name='HandItem']" />
  4. anyone know how i could create a death penalty that would remove an existing perk or set health to a reduced amount after respawn?
  5. haha i actually did the same thing just before you posted! thanks! 😁
  6. thanks Cranberry Monster, why didnt i think of that? 😆 and thanks Gouki and Gamida, great idea except i couldn't make this xpath version of your idea work, does this look right? <append xpath="/recipes/recipe[@name='resourceConcreteMix']/@craft_time">0.01</append> interestingly enough editing the original recipes.xml works but i dont want to be messing around with the original xml as making changes in mod versions is cleaner.
  7. i've experienced this problem with multiplayer as well with players not able to join. the fix for me was converting this into a perk rather than having it tied to Fortitude.
  8. i've tried: <append xpath="/items/item[@name='resourceConcreteMix']"> <property name="CraftingIngredientTime" value="0.01"/> </append> but that doesnt do anything.
  9. i've deleted chunks of off the side of my prefab but there's some sort of indestructible material left over and when i choose Update Bounds, its still showing the same size. selecting and then deleting doesnt seem to remove it. how do i change the size of my prefab?
  10. man, how did i mess that spelling error? 😆 and tx a lot for the CustomIconTint tip, i didnt even know that existed!
  11. i tried creating my own version of the blade trap in blocks.xml but by default, the icon appears blank. when i tried using CustomIcon using the value bladetrap: <property name="CustomIcon" value="bladetrap"/> it shows up as a different icon and not as https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/File:BladeTrap.png whats the right value to get it to show the right icon?
  12. healthmax no longer seems to work in alpha 18. anyone have any ideas how to increase the maximum health value in alpha 18?
  13. darchon

    Car Respawning

    how would i rework this if i wanted to make respawning boulders? saw the earlier code for it but it hasnt been updated for use as a modlet in A17.
  14. nvm, on stgarting up, debug mode msgs said it didnt apply them but ingame, it worked! - - - Updated - - - right u are again! tx! - - - Updated - - - i do hv a question on this though, do the levels mean the level of your Fortitude and Agility skills? bcz if that's the case doesnt that max out at 10? why does it go beyond 10 to 20?
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