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    0XP RolMod A18

    Holy cow! Walking into this modlet was a brain twist. I like it, totally changed my play style. The only thing more I'd want is more quests/npcs that can give quests. Haha maybe a quest to find/save npcs! This mod opens the game up not only from the sandbox, but for the inspired rpg modders.
  2. Morphan


    rotfl I found a quirk! Got to the epic level crafting for the armor on the fire conjure and found that I can't craft the boots!
  3. Morphan


    I vote yes I like this change. I am wondering if in the future it'll be possible to be able to pick which spell tree we can start with in the awakening quest?
  4. Morphan


    I've been rocking Sorcery hard this past week. Slammed it together with Devrix Tool EXP, Firearms Expansion, Flamethrower, and Summerset Villa . It works well and my inner pyromancer is very happy. Looking forward to friday 0.65. Oh with the new gear will we be getting magic melee fists if we enchant the gloves right?
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